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by Doris
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2156481
Alice is a 13 year old girl who aspires to have a beautiful singing voice like her mother.
Doris Tremble
Alice The Singer

         One day a girl named Alice who was about 13 years old, wanted to learn how to sing. All her life she would hear her mother sing all day, every day. Alice's mother was singing since she was little girl and had such a beautiful singing voice. She was jealous, and wanted a voice like her mother's. Alice wanted to be able to blow people away when she sung, the same way her mother did. So, she went on an adventure to find the best vocal coach.
         Alice was determined to find the best vocal couch she could. She did all of her research online and came across a woman named Beth. Beth was a professional voice coach who worked with celebrities such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, etc. Those are some of Ariana's favorite artists. When she saw this, she became very happy and excited. As Alice was looking further into Beth's description and profile, she realized that she was located in California. Alice lives in New Jersey and knows that she could not get to California. She was too young to drive, did not have enough money, and knew that no one in her family would take her. Once she realized that, Alice became very sad and disappointed that she could not go and see Beth.
         "What am I going to do?" is all Alice kept on thinking. She was pacing back and forth in her room, trying to come up with a different strategy or plan. But Alice could not come up with anything. Since Alice could not go and see Beth, she could not learn how to sing. When her mother noticed that she was sad, she asked Alice "What's wrong?". Alice explained to her mother that she would never be able to have a beautiful voice like hers. Alice's mother did not understand.
         Alice explained everything to her mother about the vocal coach and how she lives in California. While she was telling the story, Alice's mother knew that she was serious. She had to come up with a way to help Alice feel better and to have confidence in her voice. She told Alice that she did have a beautiful voice and as long as she loved to sing, nothing else mattered. Hearing those words from her mother made Alice feel a whole lot better. "Really?" she asked her mom. "Really!" her mom replied. She then realized that she did have a nice singing voice and that she didn't need Beth the voice coach after all. Alice and her mother spent the rest of the day singing their favorite songs together.

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