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Follow me as I placate my best friend and give veganism a one month free trial
I'm going to start by saying that I am really unsure about this vegan diet and it took my friend, Heather, a long time to convince me I should give it a try. This girl has been my best friend for a long time and she really is a huge inspiration to me. Her reasoning for being vegan is because she is a huge animal rights activist and beleives that animals should not be treated the way they are being treated currently. Everytime I go out to eat with Heather, I can feel her judgmental stares ripping through my soul as I eat my hamburger. She takes every chance she can get to tell me how important animal rights and veganism is to her. She even tries to bring me to all vegan restaraunts.

When Heather and I first talked about veganism, I thought that there was no way I could live without meat, cheese, or milk. These were the staples of my life! I love cheese and hamburgers. I mean love them. However, I like challenges. When Heather challenged me to be vegan for a month, I couldn't refuse. At the end of the day, I figured what could one month hurt, I'd be trying something new and placating Heather at the same time. I decided to do it.

In preperation for this, I've been doing my research. I watched what the health, food inc, and other documentaries on netflix about food and why a plant based diet is so beneficial. I've also been reading a few books about it. If you're interested in what information I found, I will be writing a research based article and posting it once I've finished reading and watching all the documentaries I can find.

To say the least, I was apalled at the information I found so far. I admit that I haven't really looked at the other side of the coin; which I will definitely be doing, but the food industry today is pretty insane to me. In fact; I just finished watching food inc, and I feel like throwing up. I'm glad that I watched these shows because I think it's going to make giving up all of my favorite foods for an entire month a lot easier.

When I was preparing to start going vegan, I thought, how else better to track my progress and how I'm feeling than to write a blog about it. I love to write and why not share my experience with all of you wonderful people. So here I am, starting my journey and writing about it. I'm pretty excited even though I'm nervous about being abe to go so long without animal products (mainly cheese).

Today is my first day, and so far, being vegan is a lot different than I thought. I was under the impression I'd be eating really weird and out-there food, but I had a piece of toast with some vanilla espresso almond butter. It was delicious. I also went to the store and bought some almond milk coffee creamer because I can't live without my morning coffee.

So far, I don't feel much of a difference, but it is just the first day. I'll be checking back and letting you all know how I'm feeling in a few days. In the meantime, I'm going to continue to do my research on plant based diets and let you know what I find out. I'd love to hear your guys' opinions on veganism or really anything related to the food industry, so let me know what you think.

Have a great day and,

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