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Healing for my ladies

My ladies are not lost
They tarry a while
Loaded down with disturbance and hurt
With loneliness and fear
Yet she is gentle, as the dew at dawn
As the breast of the thrush
And she is true like the sycamore
She has pain that tears at her soul
That bruises her very heart
She has deep sadness
That swallows her down and steals her hope
But all is not gone
Is not out of reach
A day is coming
A day of new beginnings
A new world
With a new sun
That will light the path to the real life
She will cleanse her tired feet in the moist green meadow
And dance among a flame of tulips
A garland of daisys will be strung upon her pale neck
She will kiss the fallow deer
And frolic with the little ape
Her sadness will be wiped clean by the streams of joy
That will flow endlessly from the mountain
Trees will bow to her with offerings of colour
All flowers and tastes will excite her endlessly
White topped mountains will be her candles
Lit by the glorious light of a new dawn
Love will overwhelm her
And take her by the hand
For she has been told
Her eye will behold
Sights that she has never beheld
Sounds that she has not heard
Her mother's voice singing a lullabye
The face of her grandmother's mother
The sweet echo of pure silence
Her little ones will flourish, free of their scars
And she will taste motherhood for the first time
With all the rich meaning that it brings
And she will greet her lost ones, stolen by death
There will be no trembling or hiding
No sting of creature, or death
She will not need to hope
For all her hopes will be fulfilled
All malice and breakdown of spirit will be lifted from her gentle heart
That it might be soft and true again
As her beauty
She will never be lost again
Never know mourning again
She will forever feel peace
Like a green forest that sways in a gentle breeze
That whispers to her
Words of love, of comfort and rest
For a daystar will rise in her heart
And she will be saved
She will be whole
For she has bowed to a righteous king
And he has promised my loves, my ladies
She will be there, on that cleansed earth
When that kingdom arrives
The kingdom of love and healing

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