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Based off of Emma in the book Still A Work In Progress
She says I'm the real beast
But I know that she's wrong
I'm pretty and sweet
And popular, too
How could she not love me?

They say I'm the real beast
And maybe they're right
Maybe I am the beast
Tearing them apart
Into pieces

They said I'm the real beast
And they're right
I'm the fat, ugly beast
The fat
Ugly beast

They don't call me a beast
It's blown over now
But I know I'm the beast
Bringing them all down
The fat, ugly beast

My mind says I'm a beast
That I won't be if I'm skinny enough
And I eat two bites
But it says "too much,"
And up it goes

He said I'm not a beast
But I ruined Christmas
And New Years
Because I am selfish
How can he love me?

Based off of Still A Work In Progress by Jo Knowles, told from Noah's (main character) older sister Emma's point of view. The meaning is built around a forgotten incident after Emma's class read Lord Of The Flies and she made a list of who would be beasts and who would be savages, leaving everyone saying Emma is "the real beast". This later causes her bulimic/anorexic habits, which die down, but later come back ending up with her in a treatment home, known as Puker Prison to her and Noah. Thanks for reading.
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