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Some thoughts about worldbuilding in my world
The original settlements were governed indirectly from earth, after eartheans quarantined the starsystem the local system of government collapsed and was replaced by the first taurian republic. The first taurian republic expanded from the initial earthean settlements and colonized most of the planet with no resistance as there are no sapient species on the planet. After some time the republic became a federation as the individual taurian subspecies segregated themselves into separate states based on their subspecies type and lived on the different biomes of the world. The bovine and equine states began to compete with each other for dominance over the planet until the aliens invaded and reorganized the federation into an alien colony. The aliens abolished the old states and created three types of districts, supply districts, admin districts and harvest districts. The planet was to be ruled by the admin districts under the Flomian order while a state owned corporation called Flomian corp controlled the economy of the planet. The corp and the order are closely linked and influenced each other frequently. After the end of alien occupation a faction within the flomian government known as the amalgamate began growing in power with the aim of creating a hivemind society while a separate group known as the oligarchs wanted to keep control of the planet to themselves. Meanwhile resistance groups which want to restore the pre alien occupation states oppose both factions.
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