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4-27-18 NaPoWriMo - I really, really love my hubby!

Two hearts contract, expand in synchronicity-
Inhaling in concert, minds aligned.
Never questioning motives or desires:
like a flower - they bud then bloom.

Each serving a purpose in the whole of one
where two feed together: a team.
Distinct individuals
whose greatest proponent is the other.

Finishing each other's sentences;
well in tune to the partner's mind--
even when they disagree, 'tis clear
compromise is not far behind.

He and I: linked by the 'and,'
that connecting vibe--makes two one.
Best friends, couple, each other's better half.
Perfect pairing keeps scales even.

I am the thunder; he is the rain,
I have the words yet he is the brain.
He is the music I write lyrics for--
when one is less, the other is more.

Neither is perfect, each rarely wrong,
laughter the medicine we employ.
We've perfected the art of muddling through--
and pieced together our unique joy.

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