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NaPoWriMo - 4-28

Inside of the Mask

Some people have eyes
yet they do not see.
They have eyesight, but no vision.
Staring into a mirror
they only see
their perceptions reflected;
they see not the obvious.

Others look and see beyond
surface skin flaw or hair style,
see deeper than skillfully applied make-up:
they see the soul, the heart, the spirit.
We see beneath the mask you wear,
your altered truth you cannot face--yet
there is such beauty in imperfection.

Maggot moments, the slimy times
when truth is twisted
to fit personal adjendas;
fool no one for long
except, perhaps, others living
in twisted mindsets:
who hear and see
only what they want to -
ignoring the reality,
covering up
the cannot be,

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