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by Brown
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A fan made episode for the Nick Jr. Series Little Bear with Emily as Goldilocks
It was a sunny peaceful day in Bear County as the six years old bear cub was busy playing with his seven year old human friend Emily at her cottage she shared with her grandmother.

"Oh how about we play marbles next?" The bear cub asked pulling out the small bag with seven or eight multi-colored marbles

"We already played that Little Bear! Why don't we play something else?" Emily said feeling a bit bored as they had played nearly every game they could think of at this point

"Well okay did you want to go down to Hop Frog Pond and see the otters then?" Little Bear asked as he put the marbles back into the bag.

"I think they may have swam further down stream Little Bear they don't stay that long when it's really hot like this." Emily reminded him "Anyway with the rest of our friends busy it's just the two of us and Lucy here so there's really nothing much to do here....but oh here....." As she quickly thought of a idea and got up from her bed towards the small drawer picking up one of her story books.

"How about we read a book?"

"We already read several." The bear cub reminded his friend pointing down to the small stack at the foot of Emily's bed

"That's true but how about we read one more like....Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Emily said as she opened the book and showed him a picture of the main character.

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears? I never really heard of that one." Little Bear confessed as the seven year old's eyes lit up

"Oh in that case we should ask Grandmother to read it to us. She's very good at acting out various parts of the story."

"What do you mean?" Little Bear asked confused

"You'll see come on let's go ask her." Emily informed him as she carrying the book and beckoned him to follow her.

Once they reached downstairs Emily's grandmother was busy cooking her and Emily's dinner in the kitchen with her little dog Tutu sitting in the corner.

"Oh what's this another book Emily? You want me to read you another story don't you?" She asked looking up from her baking bread in the old fashioned stove

"Yes once you're finished Grandmother with supper if you wouldn't mind reading this one to Little Bear and me." Emily said showing her the page

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears eh? Oh a really good one okay immediately finishing supper I'll read it to you." She informed her granddaughter.

Following a delicious dinner Emily's grandmother and the two children were sitting comfortly in the living room

"Now let me read you two the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Her Grandmother said as she sat in her chair with the book in her hands which she opened it

"Alright now Once Upon A Time......" She began but Emily interrupted

"Oh why don't you use your special speaking voice whenever you tell me stories for Little Bear Grandmother?"

"Oh alright then Emily and tell you what let's change the characters around a bit." Her grandmother agreed as she closed the book to both's utter surprise

"What do you mean by changing the characters?" Little Bear asked

"I mean I like to play around with certain parts of the story books I read yo Emily Little Bear so we'll change Goldilocks from having curly golden hair and a simple white dress to ohh how about Emily?"

"Me?" Her granddaughter said bewildered

"Yes you will be Goldilocks in the story I'll telling." Her grandmother nodded

"Oh that sounds very fascinating Grandmother! But wait if I'm Goldilocks who will the three bears be played by?" She asked curiously

"Oh how about Little Bear and his mother and father will be the Three Bears in the story."

"Really? Me,my mother and father as the three bears?" The bear cub repeated

"Well it would make sense if you think about it Little Bear you do seem to fit the description of the bears in the story." Emily pointed out "And it will make it a lot more interesting Grandmother's very good at acting out the parts wait until you hear her. Go on Grandmother tell us the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!"

"Okay only now the story will be titled 'Emily And the Three Bears." Her Grandmother pointed out "Okay now......."

Once Upon A Time there were Three Bears living in a cottage very similiar to this one deep in the woods they were the friendliest bears you can imagine but mostly kept to themselves(as her grandmother speaks there appears a small cottage looking very similar to Little Bear and Emily's own but set very deep in the woods)there was a big father bear(Little Bear's Father appears in his usual human clothes working on his model ship as he was strangely still a sea captain in this story),a mother bear(as expected Little Bear's mother also appears in her usual dress and blouse cooking at the stove)and a wee baby I mean little bear cub(Little Bear still six years old appears playing around with his toys).

Now on this particular day these Three Bears were a bit bored coped up in their cottage all day and the mother bear had just finished making supper.

"Well that's done okay everyone supper's just about finished!" She stated as she carried the three bowls all different sizes:large,medium and really small to the table where Father Bear was just finishing up with his miniature model boat

"That's smells really delicious Mother Bear but what is it?" He asked

"It's oatmeal of course sorry Father Bear but I'm all out of porridge so I made the next best thing some oatmeal along with some freshly baked cookies for Little Bear." Mother Bear said as she also brought out some steaming chocolate chip cookies on a plate out on the table.

"Mmmmmmm those certainly smell delicious!" The bear cub said as he came over taking a deep breath taking in the smell of chocolate chip.

Yes but they and the oatmeal's still a little hot so we won't be able to eat for a while. Hmmm what can we do in the meantime?" Mother Bear asked

"How about we take a walk around the woods? It's a bit boring all cooped up in this house and by the time we get back the oatmeal should be cooled down." Father Bear suggested

"That sounds like a very good idea Father Bear come on Little Bear you can get your coat it's a bit chilly out there." Mother Bear agreed

"Okay! I can't wait until we get back so I can have some of those delicious cookies! Let's go." The bear cub said excitedly as he was helped into his coat by his mother as they exited the house.

Now it just so happens that in this very neck of the woods there was a young girl by the name of Goldilocks-I mean Emily who lived with her parents on the other side of the woods and she was busy exploring around the woods(Emily in her usual blue dress with her prized possession:her doll Lucy appeared out of nowhere) skipping along the pathway

"Oh what a lovely day isn't it Lucy? We never explored this part of the woods!" She said as she admired a few flowers and birds then looked around and noticed of all things

"And what do you suppose she saw of all things:but the cottage where the Three Bears lived only they were gone for the evening and being she was ever curious Emily without even knocking ventured inside."

"Oh look at this cute little house Lucy! I wonder who lives here? Hello? Is anyone here?" The seven year old asked as she entered looking around curiously around her interiors.

"Young Emily was ever so curious to whoever lived in here and she wandered around looking at all the furniture,clocks and decorations never even noticing any of the pictures of the Three Bears until she came to the table with the with three bowls of oatmeal and plate of cookies.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm this oatmeal looks very delicious and I'm very hungry I hope whoever lives here won't mind if I took a little bit..." As she sat at the table putting her doll in the chair beside her and picked up the largest spoon pulling the largest bowl towards her and brought a portion of oatmeal into her mouth but soon spit it out

"Ohhhhh this oatmeal is very,very hot! It nearly burnt up my poor tongue! I certainly can't eat this!" As she shoved it aside then pulled the second slightly smaller bowl towards her and also made a disgusted face once it reached her lips.

"And this one's very cold! It's been sitting out too long! I can't eat this one either! Hmmmm I wonder....."

"It was then when Emily noticed the smallest bowl and plate of cookies and pulled them towards her."

"Ohh this one's not only the smallest but it's just alright Mmmmmmmmmmm and these cookies are very yummy! I can't help myself......" As she devoured all the oatmeal and ate every last cookie and even crumbs left on the plate.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm that was very delicious *BUUURRP!* Ohh Excuse Me!" Emily slapped a hand over her mouth and clutched her stomach area with her free hand

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