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Are you sure you are pretending the true reality or were?
Pretend if you will?

Join me in pretending that in the new beginning God created a new heaven, a new earth and all the universe were as they were after Satan and Beal, the anti-Christ, were left behind in the old universe with no one else there; no God, no Gods, no angels, no saints, no one of man and only them with no aliens created by randomly on other planets or anywhere in space, no alien Gods to worry about until the randomness God created therein gave rise to them all over again with the saved Satan, the saved fallen angels, the saved demons, those witches that could only be contained and it was impossible ever to save, those too insane to ever be saved and all the psychopaths God made which were Satan's responsibility now, some more powerful than Satan, but no one else in an empty universe they thought was a place in the future caused by a tidal wave in time God made to put them in that they could never get back from until they evolved to the level of God for minds, spirits and mes do evolve. That was actually the old universe. Further then imagine that God's new heaven and new earth were the same universe we had been in but with all consciousnesses moved from the place Satan and them had actually just stayed behind in but so far out in space they could never be reached and in a direction known by no one but God.

Now pretend that is true, believe that is true, have faith that is true and watch the miracle unfold as real as anything you have ever felt was real. You have pretended the truth and created with your imagination not a fantasy but the real thing because if you pretend something that is true, believe something that is true, have faith in God that something is true and witness it as had a miracle come true you have not created it but become privy to the truth. You are actually there, it has always been there since before anyone began to pretend it was there besides God and when God imagines a thing it is true if he is not just pretending.

If you do not believe me then prove that it is not. What evidence do you have God has not done this? What evidence do you have I have just made the entire thing up? Prove the Devil and all those evil unsaved and unsavable people are real.

If you create them God will simply send them to the old universe.

But their existence here will be very short lived, shorter lived than the Slenderman phenominon that resulted in two young friends murdering a third friend to appease the mythical fiend that became all too real at that moment and the fun went out of the joke for even myths are real if you believe them.

The truth is a curious thing. If you pursue it long enough it will lead you to evil as well as good for they are both real. When playing with the truth always remember that sooner or later it will lead you to reality and beware you had best be prepared for that reality it led you to when you get there. God might not destroy it for you. He just may leave you behind to deal with it forever as he did the Devil and those in the old universe.

How many evil spirits have you seen lately that were among them? Few enough to prove what you pretended? God can do anything and in this case has done a most remarkable thing I imagine like you. Will you believe what I have imagined? Will you have a growing faith as this story moves along? Will you see where the truth has taken us by the end of the story as I have? Is this story then fiction, a fantasy thus pretended, a prayer God has answered, a prophecy in him or the true reality of God, the New Heaven and the New Earth won after the ending I secured with the prophecy I have made concerning the beast and the false prophet of the Book of Revelation infamy.

There was one more prophecy I made that is known by very few here, but when you become a God you will know all about it unless I am just pretending.

Walk this New Earth. Smell its fresh clean air or the pollution that is there as had it been there before. Some of you can smell the flowers. Some of you can listen to the birds fight over territory. Some of you can kiss the same girl or boy in a place you have never been before thinking it the same place you would have kissed them. Some of you may hate God or love God as you did before. But there are no devils here. There are no demons here. There are no psychopaths here that cannot be saved. There are no witches here that cannot be saved and can only be contained or rendered harmful only to themselves. Evil has traditionally proven the existence of Satan, now the lack of Satan will prove the existence of God and goodness. Surely no one can challenge successfully a God that did this thing.


May 14, 2018

All of my previous prophecies will be amended to negate them or render them true so that I may be considered a prophet in good standing and not a false prophet unable to prophesy again under the curse I have been in for some time now. Consider me then no longer a false prophet but a prophet of God.

The saints that read the negated false prophecy before this that do not want to be a prophet of God if it means that anti-Christ may live and destroy them in order to make Jesus Christ fiction and all his brothers and sisters deceased saints and prophets and therefore the entire Church and their Savior a lie and the entire work of their Father and the Son of God merely vain in the hope they will be raised, their prophecy forgiven and they having done no wrong allowed again by God to prophesy in his name.

We are false prophets. What we say is not the truth. We intentionally lie to save our Savior and prevent our deaths and the fictionalization of our salvation and our Lord, Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophesy to Satan the following: It has been prophesied and the prophecy is true that we will be put to death by the anti-Christ and our war with him will go badly and we shall lose and all Christians die if it were not so that in the end he is stopped from destroying saints, bound and cast into the pit.

But the pit cannot hold a God and he has become a God that must be sent away at the speed of sound from all creation unable to hear anyone neither us or the others with him there. This is how we bind him so that the prophecy is nullified and the prophet that wrote such a horrible thing becomes such a false prophet also for that is needful and that prophet has been in heaven so long he doesn't care so long as God is served and the saints and Christ protected and that our words are true:

We will not destroy you anti-Christ. We are already dead . Does it matter to us if we are dead prophets or saints and our religion a flase religion? Do the dead care? Can a fictional character choose to be true? If we are not true even Christ is a lie. Therefore we will not die and if you destroy us you serve only to become fiction yourself and we remain dead as before for it is written a false prophet will die in many ways.

But it was prophesied by the Greatest of Prophets that you would destroy us. So you must and help our prophecy be true and if you do not our God will destroy Satan. The only way Satan can survive is to destroy you anti-Christ if you do not destroy us. But ifhe does not destroy you in time and your time is limited then you alone will be destroyed.

But we will not destroy the beast. We are dead and our names are not written anywhere but on our graves that no one knows the places of them. But the beast it is written must destroy us. Should you destroy us you beast you do us no harm and render our prophecy true. No one sits above the truth. We will not destroy you but you will be destroyed by your own hand. If you will not destroy us our God will destroy the false prophet.

The only way the false prophet can survive is to destroy you, you beast who would be God and be worshiped on earth as God. But if he will not destroy us then our God will destroy you both, you the beast and you the abominable false prophet or we will destroy ourselves and die as we did when we became the children of our God and Father the King of Heaven this time not for ourselves but for our Savior's life that we are true prophets and being true prophets did not destroy you beast and thereafter true prophets in that case prophets that will be raised for we have done no wrong and our prophecy was true and Christ has overcome you with our prophecy the same as this prophet has overcome you by testifying to the truth of how you would be destroyed and does now:

The beast and the false prophet will be destroyed by their own hand or by God's and whether or not the saints prophesy truly or as a lie. If they prophesy falsely my God may you forgive them for lying to save themselves and raise them for their Savior and since their prophecy did no harm also restore them to prophesy again all they want to. If they do not prophesy falsely my God raise them for they have done no wrong and the reason they died was to bring to an end their enemies.

It is so for I die with my brothers and sisters and you God have said that you would do anything for me and this one time my God I hold you to that should the anti-Chirst destroy even one martyr. Even should that martyr be me which was prophesied by God to be anyway. He cannot escape the prophecy and he cannot help but be destroyed by anything he does. No one is above the truth but God and should he lie is he God even should he do it for good? It is rumored that he he cannot die again for the Father has said that he died once for all never to die again has he not? But he could yet die for others only but not for himself. Will Christ die for his church again when he comes?

**Satan agreed to be left behind in a different time relative to the old universe when convinced that he had won for God was weary of them being in heaven, a torment to them.

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