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by Yemel
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Dialogue 500 Contest - write a dialogue with a mentally challenged person 2018 0427
Prayer Vigil

“Are you trying to kick me out?”

“Not that I know of.”

“That’s good. That’s good. Father, he tried to throw me out already. Three times he tried to kick me out, tell me I had to leave. That is not right. This is the Lord’s house!”

“I will just be over here.”

“Here – let me play you this piece I wrote. ‘It’s a beautiful day, my Lord, a beautiful day. It’s a beautiful day, my Lord, a beautiful day. It’s a beautiful day, my Lord, a beautiful day.’ Well, I can’t remember the rest, it goes on a bit – I wrote that, it’s going to win an award.”

“OK. Thank you for playing that.”

“Are you married?”


“Any kids?”


“Then you are a sinner! ‘For He said unto them, go forth, be fruitful, and multiply.’ And you have not! You are a sinner in the eyes of the Lord, and you will be cast into the eternal fires!”

“Please let go of me. You can let go, please.”

“You are evil. The Lord will judge you – you have not obeyed His commands. You will burn forever. A woman is to be the helpmate of the man. You have not obeyed this. You have not borne fruit, and will suffer His judgment! I am in the house of the Lord. Father already tried to throw me out, but I have a right to be here! This is the Lord’s house. I should be able to be here. It is wrong to deny me the chance to spend time with the Lord. I am leaving now, but this is on Father. His soul will have to answer to the Lord. I am leaving now, but this is just not right.”

“Ma’am, are you the one that called? We received a call that there was person disturbing the peace?”

‘Hi, Officer. No, I didn’t call, but I’m glad you’re here. The guy was OK for a while, but he was getting, well, more than a little strange. He left a few minutes ago.”

“Did he hurt you at all?”

“No, not really, but he did grab my arm.”

“Do you know which way he was headed?”

“I don’t really know, I didn’t follow him out, but he was still talking – yelling, actually. Officer, thank you again. I was really beginning to wonder. He started getting pretty loud.”

“Well, that’s about right. That’s Michael. We know him well at the station. He gets unstable when he goes off his meds; he does that 2 or 3 times a year. We’ll see if we can find him, talk to him, maybe even get him looked at again. You are all right?”

“Yes, thank you. Good night.”

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