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" I will wait for you " Til my days lasts end,
Since the very day it began,
Threw all the hurt an pain,
Even the thought of never seeing each other again,
All the good a bad fears,
Of all the happy an sad tears,
Down to every whisper wishing you we're here,
If i would had been more true,
Never would i be having to say,
" I will wait for you "
Nothing will ever take away,
What lead up or took place that day,
Nor will anything ever make it okay,
I haven't let go,but iv changed,
An i stand in the shadows,
Just to watch you grow,
Hoping an praying that maybe someday,
That you would know,
IV always loved you so,
" I will wait for you "
Til i can't,
Til my last breathe,
Til the last beat in my chest,
Til the dat that I'm laid to rest,
No matter the days of mine be blue,
Will i stop,
All the love i got,
" I will wait for you "
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