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This is just a rough idea of what my story is about. The image you see is from google.
(This is my edited version)
The Viper, he is both a shadow and viper demon. He lives a quiet life as an assassin for hire but he is not your ordinary assassin. After running into his childhood best friend she threatens to turn his simple life upside down. Whether it is a good or bad thing he does not know. Only time will tell whether he keeps his simple life or its turned upside down.

(The original written in my notebook)
The main character is a shadow/viper demon who is an assassin for hire but is not like your normal assassin. He runs into his childhood best friend who threatens to turn his simple life upside down and he does not know if it will be a good or bad thing.

I may add to the edited version as time passes but I thought I would leave this here for those who are following my journey here. I want to thank Slimej for keeping me on track and being there to pull me back to earth when I freaked out over world building and everyone in scroll keeping me on earth when I freak out making sure I don't stop and not allowing me to stop and give up.
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