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Meeting Held at Hardees on April 4th 2018
Those attending: Don D, Bob B, Bob O, Roger, Don R, Larry,Ralph

Treasurers Report:
Bob O'Connor gave the Treasurers Report
Opening: $4009.93
Closing: $3564.93

Secretaries Report:
Bob Barclay gave the Secretary's Report.

Both reports were accepted as given.

Old Business:

Don got the date for the Brat Fry at ACE on 8th Street. We will be working that more as the date draws closer. Don will be heading up the volunteers. Don said that a week later, on June 2nd, he will put together an Open Fly. AMA Membership will be required. There will be no scheduled events. Al will bring the leftover food. The goal is to keep it simple and make it fun. If the weather is good, GREAT! if not so be it.
Larry suggested we have a donation box.

Don told members that Ron Johnson and others have long enjoyed coming to our "Fun Fly." Several of that group like to fly at night. He reminded us that there is never a safe date... he'd rather go with an early time than one in late summer. Don would like to see Club Training on Wednesday... we will try that for openers.

The Web Site is up and running and looking awesome. Pictures are great, layout user friendly and the displays are colorful.

New Business:

Bob O: Spring cleanup will soon be upon us.... We will be looking to publish a schedule. If you have work preferences, let him know. He needs to know who wants to be on what teams. Last year's system worked well. The equipment is under the shed.

Don: We will tend to keep the Club equipment under the shed. We plan to do the mowing on Mondays and the Meeting on the Wednesday of the month. During inclement weather we'll meet here at Hardees. In the Middle of June we plan to put down the fertilizer. Everybody look at the tables as the season begins to assess what needs to be done on recurring maintenance. Don't forget the Blaze Plastic Mesh on the station guards.

A motion was made to adjourn by Bob O and seconded by Roger. Meeting ended at 1912hrs.

Bob Barclay
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