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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2156976
Having a crush can be crushing
It's true I want her
She would be my cure
And she's coming my way
But she smiles and keeps walking by
And I
Can't live with the pain I endure
Just from being around her
My chest is tight
I can't breathe when I think about her
My stomach is full of butterflies
And I
Hold my breath when she walks by
My head hurts
These feelings are so strong, I want to cry

I know I gotta get her outta my mind, it's for the best
It's because of her I haven't eaten or gotten any rest
But what would anyone suggest
That I stay away from her unless
She comes my way and talks to me, I guess
But that's not gonna help the pains go away in my chest
But it would if we did kiss

It's true
I am blue
And I can't have her
My head hurts
And my stomach is full of butterflies
And I
Can't go on living this way
But when I see her I don't want this feeling to go away
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