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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2157011
A superpower reviewer discovers he is no longer human after their spaceship crashes
          On an unknown planet, in a Galaxy far far away. Spartacus, a survivor of the Superpower reviewers crashed space ship stumbles out of the wreckage. A small section of the ship had broken off as it plummeted into the planet's atmosphere. There was three of them in that section. He was the only survivor, and as for the rest of his crew, he had no idea if they survived. He looked around at the lush forest before him, uncertain of what he should do next. He had no food or water. He decided to head for higher ground, a mountain peak he saw in the distance. He figured he could get there before nightfall and maybe he'll be able to see which way their ship went or some sign of civilization.
         He had walked about a mile when he heard the sound of running water. He rushed towards it, he emerged from the trees to see a beautiful waterfall. He ran to the edge of the pond and started drinking from his cupped hands. But, he was not alone. When he finally stood and looked to the other side of the pond, he saw another creature. It was a cat, a large cat. It resembled a jaguar, except its black fur was dotted with small, circular white rings. With bared teeth it stared at him from the four red slits that were its eyes. Terror gripped him as the creature bounded after him, stepping onto the pond, onto the surface of the water as though it was solid ground. So, this is how I die, Spartacus thought to himself.
         Then it stopped midway, the creature seemed startled. And with surprising speed, it bolted from the pond and disappeared through the trees. Our survivor breathed a sigh of relief, though it only lasted for a moment. His terror returned when he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He spun around, only to be knocked to the ground by the beautiful Alexsandra. She was being pursued, and had no intention of being caught. She picked herself up and without giving a second thought to Spartacus began swimming across the pond. Spartacus had just started to climb to his feet when they came bursting through the trees, the hunters. There was two of them, they were green and muscular, seven maybe eight feet tall. They resembled a cross between the hulk and an orc. They looked down at the power reviewer, the larger one snarled then swung his massive battle axe. Spartacus stared in horror as he watched his right arm fly into the nearby bushes. "AHHHHHH!," he screamed. The hunters looked at him quizzically, slowly he began to realize there was no pain. His arm was severed right above the elbow but instead of blood and bone all he saw was a silver metallic liquid. This gel like liquid drooped down from his wound to the ground, looking almost looking like a tentacle. This race of hunters were the Ulkorcs and these two were done being amazed. The larger one swung his axe again only this time Spartacus caught it, the silver metallic liquid took on the form of his arm and caught the axe. All expression had left Spartacus's face, he had lost consciousness, his body now operating purely on instinct. The Ulkorc tried to pull away axe but Spartacus had an iron grip on the blade. He kicked but Spartacus released the axe and spun out of the way. He stepped into his opponent, his silver arm becoming a pointed spear as he stabbed the Ulkorc in the chest. The spear retracted and became a silver arm once again. They both stood unmoving, Spartacus's eyes turned a pitch black, the metamorphosis was complete. Legion raised his silver arm, twisting it before his eyes inspecting it. The second Ulkorc stood confused, the thought that an Ulkorc would lose in battle to a human creature stunned him. "Creetoc!" He shouted addressing his companion, but Creetoc was gone. Now, he was Legion. When Spartacus crashed here he was changed. His blood transformed, he became something new, the first of his kind. He became Legion. A being that could copy his consciousness onto other sentient beings by infecting them with his blood. Creetoc turned to face his friend, "We are Legion!" He screamed, he placed his hand on the wound in his chest and his blood poured out. His silver metallic blood. It took on the form of an axe. Creetoc struck his former companion across the chest throwing him to the ground. A moment later he got back on his feet, his eyes now as black as Creetoc and Spartacus......for now there was three.

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