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Rated: GC · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2157017
Sometimes having a crush on your boss isn't fun
What am I just some stupid peasant worker to you
Someone you can fuck with and then forget about
But now your unnoticing has a left a distasteful flavor in my mouth
And now I'm angry and bitter
And I'm done with trusting my heart
I know I can be a delusionalist
But I'm also a envisionalist
But it doesn't seem to be working these days
'Cause I envisioned us fucking but that must be the delusional part taking over again
But I did envision you getting over me and not look and talk to me in that way that made me feel oh so special
But now I feel oh so invisible
So don't fucking ignore me when I'm in your peripheral vision

Damn it! Fuck you
Maldigalo! Vete a la mierda

She started this with her seductive stares and friendly touches but now the fucking chick won't even notice me anymore

What the fuck, notice me
You started this and now you're gonna leave to your higher position of promotion
Fucking leaving me with emptiness in this workplace
Damn it! Fuck you for that
Maldigalo! Vete a la mierda para aquel

Us and no one else, I'll show her my love
Nosotros y ningunos otros, le demostraé mi amor

But she's got to notice me first
Pero ella tiene notarme primero

Together I thought we should be, but it's just a stupid fantasy
Junto pensé que debemos, pero su justo un a fantasia estúpida

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