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Some women dream, or look for a Knight in shining armor to whisk them away. Possibilities.
The Knight

Many women dream of a knight in shining armor to come in to their lives, to carry them away. To live and love them forever in a fairy tale atmosphere. I wonder how much of that fantasy could be true. I am a romantic, but I will ask the hard questions. Is it only a mere fantasy, or is there a hope involved. Lets takes a look.

Remember that however the knight is the Kings main man. He holds the integrity of the crown, and does the Kings bidding. He fights battles against the Kings sworn enemies, and holds the realm in safety. In peace he is shiny and bright. In war, a fearsome warrior. A princess, or even a maiden may dream of him and want him. All woman seem to dream of him. I wonder do they even know who he is. At best they can only see his eyes, that's if, and when he puts up his visor. Living in the castle very few would see him or know him.

If you were to have a knight in shining armor come up to you as a woman of any stature. And he was fond of you, his duty is still first. How do you get him off of his high horse? He has a big ego, proud, with a spirit like the steed he rides. If you do manage to get him down, when he comes up to you, and you want a hug from him, he is still in his full armor. All you would feel is the cold metal armor. I know you may fantasize about him taking you. You will have to use all of your charm to get him out of his armor, because it's his protection from the world. So how could you you make him vulnerable enough to even take off a piece of his armor, perhaps even his helmet to see who he is, and see his real face. What make you think that he will drop the rest of he armor for you? Are you infatuated because he defended your honor, loved you by sight? To get a man to drop his armor for a woman sake is the hardest thing any woman ever have deal with. It takes trust. His first duty is to the crown. How will you get him to love you first, above all?

Lets say that the best perspective fantasy of a woman is true, that a knight in shining armor will come to you, and sweep you off you feet. He takes you away and gives you the dream life you feel you deserve. Is that his dream life too, or only yours? Will you compromise if things go bad. Will you ask him to put on his armor again to defend your thoughts, and ideals? He is here to defend your honor, true? What if you do something that don't deserve defending? Should he do that for you , even if it go against his sworn vows? Will you ask him to betray his oath, honor, and duty for you? Maybe you think he should if he really loves you!

Now I will entertain you with another scenario. What about the knight that has fought many battles to save the kingdom, and you along with it. His armor is not shiny any more, it is kinked, tarnished, and dull. Blood stains from all the battle is on his vest. He fought all them battles for the kingdom, and also for you. Now you may look at him disgusted. You think and say to yourself, this cannot be my dream, or my knight in shining armor! You still yet don't know or have a clue who he is, or even care. He is no longer bright, and shiny in your eyes.

Now I wonder about the knight who has fought all the battles, and has thrown down his sword after fighting the battle of his life. Took off his armor and cast it into the fire. Walks up, because he lost his horse in battle. He comes to you vulnerable, alive with hope. He loves you with all his heart. You ignore him, and say to him that you can't be bothered, and are still waiting for your knight in shining armor to come. He says with a heavy heart,”You have already seen him” then turns and leaves, knowing you could never understand.

Which knight are you waiting for? Have you missed him because he didn't show up in the way you expected, and fall into your perfect dream picture? I guess it's all in your own perspective dream. Be awake because he could be closer then you think.

Thomas Seeker
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