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I never really answered this all important question.
So, I never really answered the question that was in the title(silly me); Before we begin, I choose to state my opinions and standpoint on the subject(freedom of speech and all) nothing more. I do believe that Free market journalism can be a thing, and here's why; for starters, anyone can spout their opinions and state their causes with the forms of journalism and writing. it is not essential for you to have a bachelors degree, as , some(like me) learned the basics of becoming a journalist back in high school(I also have done some oral communication, customer employee relations, and focused on the basics of consumerism and human psychology, behavioral and otherwise) and I learned all of this with just a computer, a journal, a high school diploma and some college credits, a heart, a mouth etc etc. so I do have credentials, so, in my eyes, there is no need to waste your life on a two year college term and an amount of student debt. Heck, you shouldn't even get worked up with this! but, here I am, trying to explain me points on everything like a redundant robot. but, politics, News stations aren't even doing proper journalism etiquette. something that you do learn in high school nothing more(is it bureaucracy, heck if I know but it's just annoying BS if you ask me). I live in the United states, a country that has free speech according to ethics(I took current events in high school, freshman year, took government in year 12) so, you see where I am going here? you can do most anything, without the degrees, so long as you have those credentials underneath your belt. Free market Journalism CAN exist. no sweat, Simplicity at it's finest. Oh how I wish we were far more informed about this than we are nowadays. what was that? oh, I covered some points? I will explain
a) yes, we have journalists, but the media is not reporting the whole stories from both sides, this is not ethical journalism, it is a blatant disregard to the facts. one must report from BOTH sides of the Spectrum (looking at you CNN , Fox) I was disregarded as a troll for this fleeting chance. because she was misinformed, she couldn't bear to listen so she decided to blow me with facts("facts") not all journalism is biased people, we can look at both sides of the spectrum, and, if we try, we can report ethically and responsible, we(I) call this the very basis of "Free Market Journalism" no bias from the left or right wing, just pure mediation(we call this into play when it comes to working out employee relations, a manager stands in witness to both sides of the party, for they do not say these things that are on their minds, thy remain neutral and as unbiased as they can. Sure, this is often times disregarded, but it is of truth and I like this stance, this allows the readers to not only understand what is going on, but it also allows them to decide for themselves as to how they should portray things, without having them be offended or upset. This, my friends, this is Journalism at it's finest. the truest of the "Free Thought Project." and I like this type of thinking, Gratitude with doing what I love and possibly expanding my career process. thanks for listening.
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