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I conclusion to my three part series about free market journalism
So, for a conclusion I thought I would bring up some points that I discussed and brush up on them;
a)Journalism has three points, Conservative, Leftist, and Yellow Journalism
my op: I do no support these types of "journallism, they are extremely biased and unethical(blatant disregard to facts)
b) Free market journalism Is part of a "Free Thought " type of view
op2: yes, in fact, It is marking a type of free thinker movement, it is very neutral in most parts and can be used to journal, I call this the fourth, the cornerstone to journalistic views. it is often times disregarded as "not a true field of work"

c) I can and will try to approach with an observant mind and a neutralist mindset, I have been like this for 25 years and there is nothing stopping me.

as to my opinion of point c; I coincide with a lot of what some call "free thinkers" I think with rationality and precision for most parts of my life, but, when I become known of certain things that I do not agree with, I will tell you what I am thinking and how it is going to be(people don't like me because of this.) I cannot function in retail because of this, took my five years to wake up on this very fact. I would like to refer you to my viewset and experience what these things and points mean, considering how these points resonate with you is nothing more than something that we can do as people. As a Neutralist in many ways, I continue to observe such things, and because of this, I can see the world through gray colored glasses. I know that the world we live in now can be deplorable as our rights are being threatened on a constant day to day basis, how, we are not learning the facts from both Spectrums, and some of us do not want to see. I truly think this world needs more free thinkers llike me at this very standpoint, but that is an opinion and it becomes hard to write from a certain neutralist view of certain things, hence, the fact that free market takes an almost neautral if not unbiased viewpoint, but it exists as there is some truth. Sure, there are some truths to other ways of journalism as, most people tend to be attracted to stuff that coincides with what they choose to hear(want) and that is okay, though, unfortunate it may seem. but these people are often times ignorant and choose to be biased towards those others that contradict their beliefs. which brings me to another point.
d) people choose to be divide towards others beliefs
my op: WAKE UP! learn to coincide with consistent beliefs, become open to the subject and take everything with a grain of salt. your beliefs are not the only ones out there, considering that some countries, do not have our type of freedoms(US) use this to your advantages and contract with your fellow man. do not let this freedom go to waste. some countries have it way worse than you think(but how are we supposed to know, we do not get all the facts.)Well, you also can't seem to work with an open minded individual, lest you yourself continues to open your mind back up. so do not take free market journalism for granted, do not disregard it like you oftentimes do.do not throw such a gift away, use such gifts wisely.

DISCLAIMER: considering that I oftentimes have to explain myself I consider this disclaimer, I in know way am not going against your views, I am not trying to hurt your feelings, and I am in NO WAY spouting what some may call" Treason" I am simply adding truth and perspective, like a journalist often times does[*Should do*] Simple as silk and clear as mud, smite me if you wil, I will just continue with clear and consise words from and individual soul who cares about freedom of liberties: END DISCLAIMER
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