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by Rei
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The story of a witch and an angel.
My name is Reese Lakeview, I'm a twenty nine year old mythology teacher. I work at my local high school, and teach about ninety to a hundred kids a day. I live alone with my cat, Rory, and my favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. Normal right? Not quite. See, I have a secret. No I'm not an alien, though some beg to differ when I introduce myself as 'Mx. Lakeview', and I'm not an undercover agent. I am a witch. Yep, I practice magick. Not the type like stage or party magicians, though I do have a wand, but elemental and spiritual magick.

I've done this since I was young. In the magick community I'm something called a 'nature born'. I, like my mother and her parents before her, was born with a natural affinity for the mystical, and supernatural art that is magick. At first I tried denying it, I was convinced that magick wasn't real. No matter how much I liked Harry Potter. Then, I set my homework on fire, in the rain. It was an accident, I was just having a bad day, and I was locked out of my house. That's when I realized that magick, was very real. So I seeked out my mother. She started helping me by getting me different things. Teaching me how to control my energy. I was so thankful of course.

Now, ten years later, I'm a teacher. Giving my information to high schoolers. I haven't always been as good with this energy as I am now. Let me tell you something, I made some really stupid mistakes. One of which, I summoned a demon. Another turned out to be rather nice seeing as it was beneficial.

~Five years before~

"Okay the room is dark, what next?" I grab my grimoire and go down the list of materials. I needed to cast a circle. I've done that hundreds of times before. I grab a giant piece of paper, big enough for me to lay down comfortably in all four directions, and draw a circle. As I draw I say my affirmations, and set my stones. "Okay.. Alright.." I light the candle and start to chant:

"O numina aer ignis aqua
Ad me angelus custos animae meae
Auxilium invenietis illos in via ad me,
Ut det mihi quod postulo accurateque perseveravit ut non tam perdite amarem:
Sic fiat semper"

I said that three times, as was directed. Now all I had to do was go to bed and wait. Hopefully the creature would make itself known by the morning. I brush my teeth and put on my pajamas. I check off my calendar and turn on my fan as I get into bed. About an hour after I fell asleep I was awoken to the feeling of my hair standing on end. I bolt up in bed and quickly turn on my bedside lamp.
Usually that sensation is associated with the unnatural. I didn't see or feel anything else so I went back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and got ready for work. As i'm putting on my slacks, shirt and tie I think nothing of the events that took place the night before. There's no use dwindling on it, as many spells can take up to years to work or they never do. Either way I would not be dissapointed. I grab my bag and keys and head out to start my car. I turn on my radio as I pull out of my apartment's driveway, and smile as the familiar chords of the song plays through my head.

The drive to the school was a short one, and I got there with enough time to settle in. Saying hi to a few colleagues who were already there, I pull out my phone. I had five texts from my mother, but they were all pictures. I opened my messages app and check. They were all pictures of my father sleeping in various, hilarious, positions. I had been occasionally looking up to make sure that I wasn't going to run into anyone. Though, with my senses I didn't really need to.

As I walk up to my classroom, I felt someone standing there, in the doorway. "Excus-" I look up, but no one was there. "Weird..."
I say to myself as I walk in. The rest of the morning went as usual. I teach, tell a few kids that they can spend the period in the office, and then it's time for lunch. As I go to take a bite of my sandwich, an electric shock runs down my spine. It was a feeling that I'd never experienced before, and I stopped. Staring down at the desk before me, I felt my blood run cold. I wasn't alone in the room,
and even though I wasn't scared there was still the overall underlying feeling of fear that I just couldn't shake.

Slowly, I look up and see a man in a tan suit, with brown hair and green eyes. Swallowing, I clear my throat. "Yes. May I help you?"
My voice had a faint tremor to it, but the man just smiled.

"I am here to help you. You've requested guidance and I am here to give it to you for as long as you need it." His words confused me. What did that mean?

That's when I realized, "You're the guardian sent to me?"
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