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I have tried very hard on this story, I really hope you enjoy it.
Murder at Main Street

In the town North Reddish, there lived a girl called Kylie she had been forced to move there from South Shields, and now she has to move down to Marple . Which must be irritating because she has to transfer schools. Kylie will now be attending Marple High. On the 14th of February 2016, Kylie got annoyed because it was the day before she had to move. She had to pack her clothes before anything, because she had 2 wardrobes full of all of her clothes , and if she ran out of boxes for anything else it wouldn't matter because she would be able to pinch some boxes off her mum. At last it was the 15th of February 2016, Kylie and her mother had everything packed, they were ready to go, the one problem was that Kylie wouldn't move from her front porch, so her mother carried her to the car. On that same day they went to Marple High to talk to the principal about Kylie transferring there, the meeting went very very well, when they got back to their new house it was dark so Kylie said " mam I'm going to bed good night."
The next morning, Kylie sat up on her airbed
(because they didn't have enough time to put up the beds.) and saw a: skirt, top, tie and jacket for her new school. Kylie was not happy.

It was finally time for Kylie's first day of school. When she arrived, Kylie went to her drama class, her partner was a girl. Kylie said "excuse me what's your name?" the girl replied "Annabel why do you want to be friends?", Kylie said "yes yes I would love to!" A couple of minutes after the bell went for recess, Annabel introduced Kylie to her boyfriend Chuck ,at first she thought he was a decent lad, but then she realised that Chuck kept bossing Annabel around, she wasn't happy with Kylie talking to her boyfriend in that manner, so she had a go at her.

The day after, Annabel said sorry to Kylie, but she didn't mean it, Annabel still had a lot of revenge in her heart to even kill her! About an hour later kylie went to Annabel's locker to say hi, she said hi-back but she had to go, Annabel had a pile of books in her hands, she dropped them, Kylie lent down and started picking them up. Her `friend Annabel` had purposely dropped her diary behind the locker, but Kylie couldn't see it at that point. When they picked all the books up but the diary, Annabel walked off to her class so Kylie started to walk to her class as well, when she saw the diary out of the corner of her eye she picked it up and noticed it said `Property of Annabel do not open!` Kylie wasn't bothered that it said that, so she opened it to the last page and it said "I hate Kylie I wish she was dead I...I can just strangle her why is she alive? I whish she never came to this school so does my boyfriend Chuck!` this made Kylie fuming she swore she could kill them! She got out her phone and text them to meet her at Main Street after school. Kylie had a surprise coming for Chuck and Annabel!

Finally it was time for Kylie to meet up with Annabel and Chuck. Kylie had a butchers knife behind her back, which she stole from the school kitchen. As she walked over to Annabel and Chuck she shot out the knife from behind her back and "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" There was laughing and it was coming from Annabel and Chuck they couldn't stop because they killed Kylie! There was blood on the walls blood on their hands and blood on the knife! They were so happy it was victory for them.

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