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by Bry31
Rated: E · Short Story · Detective · #2157377
I went missing and this is how

The scariest day of my life was when i when I became missing. It was a normal do or so I thought but I was totally wrong. I had gone out with my family, but there is a catch I did not ride over with my parents and siblings. I rode to the concert with my boyfriend. Or well I thought we were going to the concert. When I got in the car everything changed he had knocked me out and tied my hands up. Grabbed my phone, so when my parents asked where I was he could say we hit traffic on the way over so when we go there we just sat in other seats due to the concert starting, but that was all a lie. After he had knocked me out, he found that as his opportunity to take me out to his camp an hour away in the islands and that it where I had been held captive.

Later than night I was supposed to spend the night at my best friends house and that what Tony had told them I was, even though I was locked up in his basement. After that last text that said “Goodnight mommy and daddy i love you both so much and make sure you tell Sabrina and Hunter i love them too” Tony had taken my phone over to the kitchen and destroyed my phone. I had no idea that he had been planning all of this, but it must have been working on it forever because there was tv with sound so I could hear every terrible thing he was doing to my family and telling everyone. He just kept saying “you are mine forever and I am never letting you go”.

The next day

When I never arrived home my parents had started to worry and reached out to ariels family and the told them i never showed up the night before and that is when the police had gotten involved and the hunt for me was on. I could see the news and all the people searching for me over the TV. I was hurting so bad just seeing my family looking and doing whatever they could do to find me. I thought Tony was a good guy, but he had us all fooled. The police had figured out that I had to have been with Tony and the hunt for him was on. They figured that out because he had started to send messages to my family saying “you will never find her, I’m keeping her forever”. When all I wanted to do was go home.

A week had gone by and they still haven't found me, but no one has given up. Tony had gone on a trip and left me barely any food, but he had no idea that the police were getting closer to finding me in the abandoned house. My only hope was that they would find me before Tony had gotten back from this trip, because this is the scariest thing that I have ever had to go through. What I did not know is the longer i was missing the more clues Tony sent to my family and to the cops, but sometimes they were ones trying to get them off course, but they could tell which ones were lies because they sounded so different compared to the others.

It’s been two weeks since I went missing

At this point I had no food, and Tony was not going to come back for me at all. He had left me there to starve, but then I heard the doors getting broke down. That’s when I heard “Police Anna are you in there.” I went running up the stairs and just started yelling for help and by the time the police got to me I was exhausted, but happy because my family was there waiting for me. Luckily, they had found me thirty minutes before Tony had arrived back and they were able to arrest him one the spot. I was off to the hospital to make sure I was okay then I had to answer questions from the police so they could use it against Tony in court to make sure he would end up behind bars. Just hearing that was the biggest releaf of my life. Once I was out of the hospital I was able to go back with my family and start my life back up again, but that was harder than expected because that’s all anyone could talk about, so I had decided to make an announcement on TV about what had happened to me and after this I do not want anymore questions because I just wanted to forget it all. Little did I know forgetting it all would be one of the hardest things I would ever have to do even though there were no more questions being asked. I still had the nightmares about being there alone, starving about to die and that is an experience I will never forget.

The End

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