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The qualities every author needs in their life.
You might want to be an author, but do you know what it takes to actually be an author? I will be publishing two books at the end of this month, so I know what becoming an author takes. Specifically there are only a few things that you need, and they come from inside of you. In this post I will be discussing these four things: Determination, Strength, Support, and Imagination and Creativity.


Writing and publishing your own work can be hard work. You will gain support and resistance from family and friends in ways that might surprise you. Some will fully support your decision while others would have reservations. Accept the support and respect those who have reservations; they all mean well. Also, be prepared for the challenges of self publishing. You must be sure of what you want and have the drive to get it done.

When you decide what you want out of your writing, tell your family and friends about your intentions. Be firm. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, that your writing career is what you will be striving for. Stick to this. The people that love you mean well, so try to explain exactly what you will be doing.

Set out your schedule. A definite writing schedule will keep you on track as you get into a writing routine. Keep to this schedule in order to get your writing projects finished on time. Even if you self-publish there will be deadlines. You want to make you community aware of your coming books. When they know this will be coming make sure to stick to that deadline. Determination will fuel your consistency, and consistency will fuel your success.

Don’t let anything get in your way. There are other life concerns that you will have, but make your writing an integral part of your life and make time for it. Be determined to get things done.


Your writing career takes time and work. Building that career takes personal strength. It can be complicated to sort out what you need to do to self-publish. This is something you will have to do, mostly, on your own. It will take hours of research. Decide you will do this work and research.

You will find contradictory information. You will need to research to find all the answers that you need. I have read many articles about Amazon.ca in order to just figure out what I have to do with Amazon in order to sell my books. It can take time.

Defend your writing career. Families will be sensitive to the hard times that you will experience while building your writing career. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. Definitely, but as gently as possible, let your family know that this is what you want, what you will be doing, and you have no intention of giving up.

Keep your eye trained on the outcomes you want. This will help you build and keep up the strength to keep going. Use all the emotional resources available to you.

Writing a novel takes countless of hours which will require much inner strength as you may find yourself working through the night and into the wee hours of the morning. This is on top of the hours of research in finding the right publisher or the right path to self publish your work. It takes much inner strength to be a writer.


Although your family and friends may not be experts in the world of publication, they know you and what drives you forward. Accept and embrace all the support you can get. Family and friends can give you the fortitude to keep going. Let them be encouraging and give to you their honest opinions about your work. This will help you improve. Just let your family know that you don’t just want them telling you what they think you want to hear. Be clear about the fact that you want honest and unvarnished opinions.

Seek out other authors either online or in person. I have joined an online writing community in which I get support for my ambitions and honest, helpful reviews that help me improve my pieces. I read my fellow authors’ work which give me ideas about my own writing.

Join groups, get a mentor, and get out there. You have to rely on yourself, at times, but you can’t do it all alone.

Imagination and Creativity

Imagination and creativity are the corner stones of your writing career. You must be able to create other worlds and other people to give your writing projects life. You must be able to look inside yourself and imagine what you want life to be like, or how it might be. It’s your story, make it anything you wish.

For any author it might take using literary license with certain things. The something is in reality might not work in literature. Invent communities in areas where none exist. Create landmarks that move your stories along. If you create something imaginative in a real setting, let your readers know that you have made it up. Don’t mislead.

There you have it, the main things that every author needs in their life to make their writing career work. Take these parts of you and make them parts of your life on a daily basis.
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