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by Selena
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Ghost Cat?
Nala was a beautiful cat, long haired and fluffy. Loving to cuddle, as soon as Julie got in bed Nala jumped in with and wrapped herself around Julie's head. But, she was also very old and didn't take well to other people. Julie had taken her in a week or so ago for a friend who didn't have the heart to have her put to sleep. When she wasn't cuddling she was mean, soon Julie's arms and legs were covered in scratches so severe that she had to go to urgent care and discovered she actually had cat scratch disease! Nala's hair also caused problems because of Julie's COPD. She was choking on her hair, which was every where. Eventually Julie had to take action. She found a no kill sheler and took her there, knowing she wouldn't be put to sleep, but instead she would find a home with someone who didn't have the health issues Julie had. Since that day, every night when Julie gets in bed and get settled with her oxygen going she'd feel a jump on the foot of the bed. Right after that she would feel something curl around the top of her head. The first couple nights Julie chalked it up to being tired. But it's happening every night since taking Nala to the shelter and Julie thinks she's going crazy...or did Nala have to be put to sleep and now she's haunting Julie? Is Nala coming back home at night or is Julie a truly crazy cat lady?

This was typed up on the fly, on my tablet. I expect there will be mistakes I missed, but I'm just getting a feel of how to do different things on the site. Any and all feedback,reviews and general comments are welcomed.
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