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Admit the truth of the importance of reading, reading is not only knowledge , Its treasure
well im going to talk randomly not specific actually being specific like special famous authors wouldnt help as much as being natural and flexible. Talking with your own way as if ur not thinking about anything else but making your prdocut expensive with its own information and creative details will help you and your audience to feel free not too complicated.

first of all here iam , hello?! How are you! you know who iam ! oh well my bad :)) , my name is Salma , im a teenager, not looking for something specific but you would wonder how old am i or what kind of thinking am i going through through reading my awkward amazing story that im typing in already ! well the reason which made me inlove with writing is the process of watching too much movies and reading lots of books to alot of special authors , forinstance; Henry david thoreau,Ralph waldo emerson,William Shakespear,Martin luther king and so onn.... Most of you probably during this will be changing your face impression through everyline and everyword and every sentence you will read and spell its grammar ! too much details right! im having fun man ! chill. Well for those who think that reading is fun! let me tell u something maybe most were not aware of it or already knew it but couldnt understand the main idea of it , Reading is not as eating a chocolate or drinking soda or watching a movie or chatting with friends or having selfies or any of this shit ! No. Reading is knowledge, its a strong awkward and amazing treasure that most of us as a teenager wouldnt understand except when we open the very first book just to go through the introduction without even knowing what does this book talk about ? or even what is the occasion that made it become famous and why did the author chose it and made it officially published! you see how am i talking and expressing the beauty of READING. iswear i feel so awkward like is this me really typing this ! its a true pleasure you know, i realized something lately from few weeks through reading my Favourite book which is " Women who love too much ". Ok let me be honest with u ihave never ever heard anyone talking about this miracle, but iswear the cover appraoched me and what did more the intro driven me crazy like ! WHAT!!!!!!!! you know the things that u cant express and suddenly a book is talking from ur deep throughts! OMG !Iswear not only books when i chech recent posts on instgram and these quotes i hold nothing to say but " Yesss yesss finally other voice mentioned what's always deep inside me and what am i always thinking about ! Imean reading is such a treasure and beautiful thing to be part of :))
Iswear u as a reader give urself the opportunity to be something onceupon a time not for poeple but for ur own , you understand me , reading will take u to another unexpected world and believe me u wont speak as much as ur impressions will describe ur words before ur mouth spells them with pronounciation.:)) Have Fun

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