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by NinjaW
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Western · #2157529
Classic Scene plays out in a not so classic way.


"Meak as ever, aren't ya? Ya never held a gun before?"

"Can't say I 'ave; sum' us don't condone murder..."

"SOME of us open our mouths all the way to speak, and others learn when to shut up."

"So, dis my fault now?"

"Now? Always was ya fault!"

"Care ta splain?"

"Was I the one who wanted the girl that wasn't interested? Was I the one got drunk an pick bar fights? Was I the one who refused to sell property to someone to benefit the town? No! But I was the one to cover the costs, whatever they be?"

"Must be nice, huh?"

"Excuse me?"

"Must be nice ta ignore what people goo though when you ain't there. Much be nice ta 'ave food, a house, cash for guns, an a town that welcomes. I 'ave a kiss, an empty booze bottle, an a shed."

"And a gun, draw."

"I ain't gonna draw. I gonna draw."

"Sure, make it easy for me."

"I ain't making it easy. I'm making it murder."

"Ya accepted a duel."

"An you'll be 'ccepting murder of a fella who ain't gonna fight back."

"You're call. Three..."


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