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Queen Bey is at it again!

And here's why you should too (maybe)
By Danielle Carlson

Queen Bey is at it again!

On March 2, Beyonce posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, "44 days until Coachella!! Vegan Time!! Click the link in my bio to join me!"

If you're a true Beyonce fan, I'm guilty of being one myself, then you already know that this isn't her first time going vegan. Back in 2013 both Bey and her husband, Jay Z, decided to follow a plant-based diet for 22 days to help them feel healthier and energetic.

With Beyonce going vegan diet once again to heighten her overall health and Coachella performance, you can't help but wonder...should I try a plant-based diet?

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet consists of food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, and seeds. You are not allowed to eat animal products such as meats, dairy, fish, and eggs. Only around 6% of Americans are considered vegan, however, the discussion of its health benefits has many individuals switching over to test it out.

Health Benefits

Beyonce switches over to a vegan diet to get into the best possible shape and become more energized, but those aren't the only health benefits.
Check out the list below to see all the advantages of a plant-based diet:

Assists in weight loss:

When switching to a vegan          diet, people automatically lose weight. Since fruit, vegetables, and          grains are lower in calories compared to meats and dairy, people who          try a vegan diet are able to control their calorie intake easier.
As a result, they lose weight without really focusing on calorie consumption.

Lowers blood sugar levels:

If type two diabetes runs in your family or you already have the disease, going vegan may help          you reverse the condition. In one study, 43% of individuals who converted to a plant-based diet were able to decrease their blood sugar medication. Also, vegans are around 50% less likely to become diabetic.

Increases heart health:
According to The American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in America. Cardiovascular disease kills more Americans a year than cancer...crazy, I know. One of the main ways to prevent cardiovascular disease is with a healthy diet. Becoming vegan may be an extreme form of healthy eating, however, replacing meats with fruit, veggies, and whole grains will prevent anyone's risks of a heart attack or stroke.

Choosing to embrace a vegan lifestyle is not for everyone. However, if you are like Queen Bey and want to discover more ways to improve your health and shed a few pounds along the way, maybe try it out for a couple weeks.

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