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"I'll see you in Milwaukee," Georgeanne smiled as she set her phone down on the desk by her laptop where she had just confirmed reservations for herself and her best friend, Margo, at a popular 3-star hotel with a pool that was conveniently right downtown. Georgeanne was taking the train from Winona, Minnesota to her favorite Wisconsin city. It was about a four hour trip and she was so excited. It had been quite a few years since she'd been to Milwaukee and she hadn't seen Margo in over a year, either.

Margo was driving from Sheboygan and meeting her at the hotel. She missed her best childhood friend, but she understood that Sheboygan was where her dream job was located. Finding a dream job in the small town of Winona was pretty much impossible. But, Georgeanne loved Winona and had no desire to move away. Though, if a good job came up in Milwaukee, she might consider it.

The next three days dragged by for both women as days often do when you're looking forward to the weekend. But, finally, it was Saturday morning and Georgeanne was settled into her comfortable train seat, sipping a bottle of water she had brought along. There was no way she was paying the exorbitant prices in the dining car. She'd rather save her money for dinners and drinks and other fun activities once she got to her destination.

The four hours seemed more like eight, but eventually she was standing at the front desk, picking up their room key.

"Georgie!" her best friend grabbed hold of her and hugged her so hard she could barely breathe.

"Margo!" Georgeanne managed to loosen her friend's death grip and backed up to arm's length. "You look fabulous, Margo dear," she gushed. "I've missed you!"

"Let's put our stuff in our room and then grab a drink at the bar!"

They drank until nearly three in the morning, talking and laughing, reminiscing about childhood adventures until the bartender finally cut them off and told them to go get some sleep. Giggling all the way to their room, they fell onto their respective beds and slept until almost nine A.M.

"Georgie, wake up!" Margo shook her friend, roughly. "Let's get some breakfast and go to the zoo!"

"Oh ,my head. Can't we sleep a couple more hours first?"

"No! We're not wasting our short vacation sleeping. Come on!"

After quick showers, they had the complimentary free breakfast and a few cups of strong coffee. Finally ready to face the day, they hopped into Margo's car and headed to the Milwaukee Zoo. Georgeanne was excited to finally see the Humboldt penguins as the last time she'd been there the exhibit had been down for repairs.

As they stood and admired the beautiful birds, Margo turned to Georgeanne and said, "I'm so glad we decided to do this. I've missed you so much. We should get together more often. It's only four hours, after all.

Georgeanne hugged her best friend and said, "I agree. This is the best weekend ever."

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