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The rehashing of an old post about our perceptions on writing sexual content

A while back a friend R** (name withheld to protect the innocent) sent me a review voicing her thoughts on one of my static folders and included about the increased number of people writing XGC stories and that she didn't think they were of much value (I am paraphrasing) I wrote and posted a comment in support of her comments but they all would not fit in the notebook posting character limits. So, Bam Blam it ended up on my blog just because I think it's okay to voice an opinion on the subject. And why not, I needed to put something on my blog and why not a static item... anyway why not talk about sex it is as natural as breathing.

Hey R***,

Let me start by saying all my comments are meant to address this adult subject with as much grace and decorum as I may impart. I would never intentionally offend you or any other here on WDC. With that said, I find depraved behavior despicable. That definition is simple, any sexual encounter outside the realm of consenting adults is depraved. The key to that statement is held by the underlined words.

Believe it or not, I would never have thought it possible that I would have been in the same room with an erotic story much less written anything risque. But one of my writing instructors insisted that we try a few, telling us that almost every famous author has written in the genre, (though hardly any in their own names,) Of all the surviving writings more than 1,000 years old, 80% seems to deal with sex or human sexuality. She insisted that even the Bible contains more than 300 stories about sex. (I don't know that for sure, I was thinking I might test my pastor one day and ask him to confirm her claim.)

The disclaimer above notwithstanding, I agree with you that writing about sex without the normal elements of a story is worthless trash, graphic depictions without reason are just crude. I think that as writers, we must remember that sex is part of being a living organism, even the plants do it. So I have come to the conclusion that it is okay to depict and express it if kept in its proper place and context.

Adults... should be able to discuss any adult topic, as long as everyone remembers to respect other people's rights and sensibilities. That everybody gets to have their own set of values, morality, and standards. Those who are less inhibited should not be afraid to explore the bounds of imagination. But still, they should not force their provocative exploration on the more modest. It is a simple thing to rate one's writing correctly and then there are no surprises.

I believe that we should treat an erotic story the same as any other, rate and review it on its contribution to creative arts, its style, structure, and craftsmanship. If their story invokes an emotional spark, whether good or bad, then we should tell the author so, and why we felt so. I have been close to death too many times to miss out on any aspect of life. I am not afraid to read something that might be outside my normal or wildest imaginings. I don't think it makes me depraved.

My ideas on this subject are reinforced by the story of Adam and Eve they were set into the garden in their natural glory, they did not wear fig leaves, the idea of clothes entered the world only after sin.

You also surmised that maybe people were writing about personal experiences, from the little bit that I have read, I think the stories are more the case of miscategorized fantasy. I mean really, some of these depicted events span days. My experience is that most are better measured with a stopwatch.

I am not throwing stones at anything or anybody, No, just adding to the conversation. Sex, drug, rock 'n' roll, and slimy politicians are always good for stirring the pot of voiced opinion.
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