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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Comedy · #2157716
A chance encounter leads to a date. Comments/input appreciated
    Adam is desperately trying to reach one of the top shelves, the item he is trying to get is beyond his reach because it is towards the back of the shelf. He even went as far as standing on the bottpm shelf to try and give homself a boost. Being two inches shy of five feet tall does have its disadvantages. After ten minutes of trying, with the same results, he sighs. Feeling defeated, he kows that he is going to have to ask for some help.

    Looking up and down the aisle, Adam sees that there is no one arpund to ask, not even an employee. He looks back up at the shelf, contemplating if he should just leave without buying the item. Just as he is about to completely give up, he sees someone walking up the aisle from out of the corner of his eye. After taking a moment to put his pride aside, he turns to see a woman, who looks a bit chubby, crouching to grab something from the bottom shelf.

    Her long, dirty blonde hair is long enough to strech down the entire length of her back, just passing ber hips. Her rectangle-framed glasses sitting in front of her hazel eyes. Wearing a navy, button up blouse and a pair of black slacks, that doesn't even cover her ankles, along with a pair of black flats.

    “Excuse me, ma'am” Adam says, getting her attention. “Could you uh... grab an item off the shelf for me?” he asks, pointing to the item.

    She stares at him for a moment, a bit surprised that it is an adult man asking her this. When she first saw him in the aisle, she mistook the twenty-one year old man for a child. With his short brown hair, black t-shirt and blue jeans, she isn't surprised that she didn't really notice him. His blue eyes are the only feature that really stands out. “Okay, sure,” she answers. She starts to stand up, actually having to lean down a bit while grabbing the item he is asking for.

    Adam is a bit stunned at her height, he is used to most women being taller than him, his head often being level with their chests. But this woman here is actually towering over him, his head above her waist as he is staring right at her stomach. A quick glance up tells him that if she were to stand up straight, her head would be above the shelves. He is snapped out of his stupor when he hears her say, “Here you you go,” with the item in her hand.

    “Thanks,” Adam says, taking the item from her. Before he can even ask her for her name, she turns around and walks out of the aisle quickly. Watching her leave, he notices that she looks proportional. Unlike most people he has seen who have gotten close to seven feet tall, who look either stretched out or lanky as a result of their growth. The moment she turns to head down another aisle, her grabs his hand basket and leaves the aisle as well, needing to grab a couple more things.

    After waiting in a long line at the checkout, Adam finally leaves out the grocery store. He checks his watch, seeing that the bus will be arriving in a couple of minutes. He sits down on the bench, his mind still on the woman who helped him out. He is mentally kicking himself for not even getting her name, kicking himself for not following her. But the fact that her face is burned into his memory is something that he welcomes. The moment he hears the store's automatic doors open up, he looks over to see her exiting the building, ducking through the doors with several bags in her hands. He knows that the bus will arrive at any moment, but he also knows that this will be his last chance. He gets up from the bench, making his way to her.

    “Hey there,” Adam says, getting her attention the moment she turns out the automatic doors.

    “Oh, hello,” she says, quite surprised to see him again.

      “I never did get your name earlier,” Adam says.

    “Its Emma,” she says introducing herself a bit nervously.

      “Its nice to finally associate a name with your face, Emma. I'm Adam by the way,” he introduces himself. “Again, thank you for grabbing that item off the shelf for me.”

    “It was not a problem,” Emma replies.

    Adam turns around, hearing the bus pass by, not even making a stop. “Crap,” he says, watching the bus leave out of the parking lot. “Well, there goes my ride home.”

    “I am so sorry,” Emma apologizes, “Will another one be by soon?”

    “Not for another two hours I'm afraid,” Adam answers.

    “I feel kind of bad that you missed the bus because of me,” Emma says, her tone on the apologetic side. “Where do you live, I can probably drop you off if it isn't too far,” she offers.

    “I live at the Highland Heights apartment complex,” Adam answers. “Do you know where that is?”

    “Actually, I do,” Emma answers, “That is where I live as well.”

    “Thanks,” Adam says gratefully before grabbing his bag, “You are a life saver.”

    Adam follows Emma to her vehicle, a large, black pickup truck. After the passenger door is opened, Adam struggles a bit to climb in, the vehichle being a bit too high for him. Emma is watching him, unsure of whether to help him in or not. Thankfully she doesn't need to help him as he is able to climb in and close the door himself.

    Buckling himself in, Adam watches Emma enter with her own difficulties, squeezing herself into the truck's cabin. Her head is pressed up against the top while knees are up against the steering wheel. Even with such a sizable vehicle, he is surprised that she barely has enough space to fit.

    “Are you okay driving?” Adam asks, watching Emma buckle up with a little bit of difficulty, her arms either hitting the roof or the door.

    “I manage,” Emma answers, starting the vehicle before she pulls out of the parking spot.

    The entire ride is quite, Adam glancing over at Emma every so often. He is still trying to figure out what it is about her that he is so transfixed on. His mind often wandering to a question that he really wants to ask her, playing through different scenarios on her possible answers. He is finally pulled back to reality when Emma parks in front of the familiar apartment complex.

    “Well, here we are,” Emma says, breaking the silence, eagerly undoing her seatbelt.

    Adam takes a deep breath, deciding to go ahead and ask her the question be as been mulling over the entire ride. “Look, I really gotta thank you properly for everything you have doneto help me out. First you help me at the grocery store, then you give me a ride home.” Adam takes a deep breath, his mond now made on, “What are your plans for tonight?”

    Emma is a bit shocked, that someone like Adam is asking her something like this. “Are, are you asking me out?” she asks, the confusion really apparent in the tone of her voice.

    “Nothing fancy,” Adam answers, “I was thinking maybr dinner and a movie. If you are interested, that is.”

    “Look, I'm sorry,” Emma starts to say.

    “Oh, thats okay,” Adam says sounding disappointed, interrupting Emma. “I didn't know that you were already seeing someone.”

    “No, no, its not that,” Emma interupts, “Its just that, would you really be okay with someone like me?” She gestures to herself, her hands going up and down the length of her body, referring to her height. “I mean, I am really, really tall after all.”

    Adam starts to feel a bit more optimistic now, her explanation actually giving him some hope. “If I wasn't okay with how tall you are, would I have asked out?” he answers. “Our difference in height should not deter us from at least trying.” He looks at Emma, his eyes full of hope. “So what do you say, stop by my place at about six? I'm in unit eight zero six.”

    “Can we have dinner and movie at your place instead of going out,” Emma asks, “I kind of get uncomfortable being in public places.” She then looks over at Adam, “You can understand why, right?”

    “Sounds like a date then,” Adam responds, before opening the passenger door. As he is is heading towards the complexe’s entrance, he turns around to see Emma exiting her vehicle and standing at her full height with a smile on her face. Adam can't help but smile himself, looking forward to spending tonight with her.

    The next several hours are going by slowly for Adam, just waiting for six o'clock to roll around. He changed into a button up shirt, hoping that he isn't overdressed. After all, is Emma seeing this as something casual? But then again, it is his apartment, he can always change if that is the case. His thoughts are distracted when he hears a knock at his door at ten of six, quickly going to answer it. When he opens the door, he is surprised to see that he only needs to turn his gaze upwards by a little bit, due to Emma being on her knees.

    Emma is wearing a black, sleevless dress, the skirt stopping right before her ankles leaving a full view of her black flats. “Am I too early?” she asks, noticing how Adam is staring at her.

    “No, your fine,” Adam answers, glad that she did come a bit early. As he watches her enter his apartment and stand up straight, he can see that the top of her head is touching the low, eight foot high ceiling. He decides not to point this out, but instead decides to offer, “Feel free to get comfortable and take your shoes off.”

    “Are you sure?” Emma asks, sounding a bit nervous, bending down a bit to grab at her flats.

    “Yeah, go ahead,” Adam says, his eyes glued to Emma's feet. He watches as she pops her flats off, setting them down next to his shoes. He can't help but notice the difference their sizes, her shoes are at least twice as big as his are. He turns his gaze back up to Emma, who is smiling nervously, her one hand brushing her hair back. “I hope you are okay with Chinese food,” he says, breaking the awkward silence. “I know, its a bit cliche but there is a reason for it.”

    “Chinese sounds delicious,” Emma replies.

    Deciding on what to order with Emma is a bit of a unique experience for Adam. First of all, she is on her knees, bringing her close to his eye level. Which made it easier for them both to look at the menu as opposed to passing it back and forth between each other. He keeps glancing over at her, seeing the smile on her face while they are going over the menu. When their order is placed for delivery, Adam is a bit surprised by how much was ordered, which he did kind of expect.

    “Okay, I gotta ask this,” Emma says. “We both live in the same building, how is it that you have never seen me until today?”

    “I could very well ask the same thing about you with me,” Adam replies.

    “I could have missed you very easily because you're so..,” Emma is a bit hesitant to finish that sentence, not knowing how Adam will feel about it.

    “Yes, I am short, don't be afraid to say it,” Adam says laughing a bit. “Its not like its news to me.

    “Exactly,” Emma says. “So me missing you is very easy. But how could you miss me?”

    “Fair enough,” Adam responds, his eyes never leaving Emma's. “I think that it us because we haven't had the chance to bump into each other here. I just moved in about a couple of weeks ago.”

    “So, where did you move from?” Emma asks.

    “I moved out from my mother's,” Adam answers, feeling a bit embarrassed about it. When he looks at Emma's face and sees a look of sympathy, he decides to continue. “My mother, who raised me as a single parent, has always been a bit overprotective of me. I really needed to get out on my own, so I just took the plunge and moved out.”

    “So, you moved out for the same reason I did,” Emma responds.

    “You had overprotective parents as well?” Adam asks.

    “Quite the opposite actually,” Emmma replies. “They gave me my independence.” Emma takes a deep breath, before continuing, “But I felt like I was a bit of a burden to them. After all, when I was six I was taller than my mother, then I out grew my father by the time I was ten. I knlw tgat it couldn't have been easy to feed and clothe me. So when I turned eighteen, I moved out from my parents' house and into this apartment complex.”

    For the next thirty minutesb both Adam and Emma continue talking, keeping on the subject of how they each moved out on their own. While Adam explains to her that his mother hired moving men for him, Emma sats that she only had help from her parents. Just as their conversation starts to pick upb they both hear a knock at the door.

    “That must be the food,” Adam says. Why don't you go ahead and get yourself seated at the table,” Adam offers, pointing to the dining room. “I will be in shortly with the food.”

    Adam can't help but watch as Emma heads for the table, still trying to figure out what it is about her. He is snapped back when he hears a second knock, which sounds a bit more impatient than the first time. He is quick to answer the door and pay for the food, even over tipping by accident. Once he has the box which contains three large bags, he makes his way to the dining room.

    When Adam arrives at the dining roomb he sees that Emma has moved one of the chairs outof the way and is on her knees at the table. The table looks a bit low to her, but it seens as though she is used to it.

    Placing the box on the table, Adam comments, “I see you prefer the Japanese style of dining.”

    “Not so much preferred as it is necessary,” Emma explains. “If I were to sit in a chair, my knees would be bumping the underside of the table. Or I would have to have my legs stretched out just for comfort.”

    “Honestly,” Adam says, “I think my reason makes you look more well traveled.” Emma smiles a bit at the comment as Adam heads into the kitchen.

    “Okay, this might be a question here,” Adam begins, returning with the plates and silverware. “Are you okay with regular utensils, or do you need something larger?” He holds the utensils out in front of Emma.

    “These are fine,” Emma answers taking the utensils from Adam. “I have learned to adust, which is easier than having everything custom made for me.”

    After serving the food between the two of them, Adam sits down across from Emma. After taking a couple of bites, he looks at her, “So what do you do for living? I will admit I just can't picture you at a desk job.”

    After finishing what is in her mouth, Emma answers, “I actually work from home. I am a sales represenative.” After taking another bite, she asks, “What about you?”

    “I work as a loan officer fir the local bank,” Adam answers.

    “Kind of hard to picture you doing that,” Emma.

    “How so?” Adam asks.

    “I can't really explain it, but I always imagined a loan officer as beinb a bit more aggressive. A bit hard to do at your height,” Emma answers.

    “Actually, its quite the opposite,” Adam clarifies. “People tend to see me as being friendly, so a lot of the loans I approve go off without a hitch.”

    Adam and Emma continue to swap stories of interesting Incudents at each of their jobs. Emma recalls how a client's daughter answered one of her calls once. Which she found to be cute and adorable and stayed on the line with her for a full thirty minutes before her mother found out. While Adam talks about how someone came to him demanding a personal loan so that they could procure a pet moose.

    The moment they both finish eating, Adam looks at Emma, “Ready for the movie?”

    They both get up from the table b Adam leading the way to the living room. He grabs the remote and suts down on the edge of the couch, Emma sitting right next to him. As Adam loads up Netflix, she sees how Emma has her legs outstretched, her feet just inches away from the tv stand. He can't help but stare at her  bare feet for a moment, just admiring them. He has to force himself to look away so that he can pick a movie for them to watch.

    “50 First Dates?” Emma asks.

    “Not in the mood for a comedy?” Adam responds, looking up to see Emma's confused look.

    “A comedy is fine,” Emma answers. “But isn't it a bit corny to watch a movie that is about first dates, on a first date?”

    “I think it would be rather appropriate,” Adam answers. “Would you rather I put on a romantic comedy that is about a couple who get married after their first date?”

    Emma chuckles at the question, “Just put 50 First Dates on.”

    Adam starts the movie, the two of them watching it. Adam's eyes can't help but glance down at Emmacs feet every so often, watching her legs fidget every so often. When the movie is at the scene where Henry ditches his date by riding off on a jet ski, he can clearly tell that Emma is a bit uncomfortable. “Are you comfortable?” he decides to ask.

    “Not really,” Emma answers, “When I watch tv, I actually like to have my feet propped up on the couch.”

    “So why don't you scoot down to the edge of the couch and prop your feet up,” Adam says, patting his lap as if to encourage Emma.

    “No, I couldn't,” Emma declines politely.

    “Go ahead,” Adam says encouragingly. “I don't have any problems with feet.

    Emma scoots down to the end of the couch, propping her feet up on Adam's lap. Adam can immediately tell that Emma is more comfortable now, her body looking a bit more relaxed. He turns his gaze downwards a bit, seeing how her long toes are just below his chin. He breathes deeply, doing his best to avoid the temptation that is right before him. About halfway through the movie, Adam finds himself placing his hand on the arch of her foot. He panics slightly, watching as Emma is starting to move her feet off his lap. Reacting, he holds her ankles, “You don't have to move your feet.”

    “You weren't trying to push them off?” Emma asks.

    Adam's mind starts to race a bit, trying to think of an excuse as to why he had his hand on her foot. He didn't want to tell her about his fetish yet. “I thought that it would be nice I gave you a nice, relaxing foot rub,” he lies.

    “I think that would be nice,” Emma says, moving her feet back.

    Adam can't believe that she is letting him rub her feet. He thought for sure that she would have politely declined. For the rest of the movie, he is giving Emma a nice, long foot rub. Emma leaning back a bit from how relaxing it is for her. By the time the movie's credits start to roll, Emma starts to get up.

    Emma looks down at timeb then down at Adam. “I gotta get up early tomorrow,” she says. “Walk me to your door?”

    Adam follows Emma to the front door, who kneels while Adam begins to open it. Grabbing her flats, she looks him right in the eyes. “I had a wonderful time tonight,” she says right before kissing him on the cheek.

    “Yeah, I enjoyed tonight as well,” is all Adam can manage to say, the surprise kiss stupefying him a bit.

    As Emma goes to leave through the front door, she takes another look at Adam. “I left my phone number on the table,” shecsays while smiling. “I really hope to get a call from you about another date next weekend.”

    Adam can only watch as Emma leaves, his eyes never leaving her until she is out of his sight. Closing the front doorb he rushes to the dining room table, grabbing the piece of paper Emma left him. He immediately adds the number to his phone's contact list with a big smile on his face.

    After getting dressed for bed, Adam heads back to the living room, reminiscing about the night he just had. His mind is already making plans for the second date. Before he can even think too much on it, he hears a heavy knock on the door.

    Making his way to the front door, he begins to wonder just who it could be this late at night. “God, don't let it be my mother,” he groans, that terrible thoight nowpopping into his head. As he grabs the door handle, he answers “Yes?”

    “Adam,” a now familar voice says, “Its Emma.”

    Adam quickly opens up the door, excited to be seeing her again so soon. The moment he practically flings it open to see her kneeling right outside his apartment. “Hey Emma,” he tries to say casually. “Did you forget something?”

    “I kind of forgot my keys,” Emma says, feeling embarrassed.

    “Thats okay, it happens to the best of us,” Adam replies. “Where did you leave them?”

    “Inside my apartment,” Emma answersb her face now beet red when she sees Adam's reaction. “Yeah I locked myself out.”

    “You wanna come inside until you can be let back in?” Adam offers.

    “Thats the thing,” Emma begins. “No one will be able to come out until morning. So I was wondering if you had somewhere I could sleep tonight?”
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