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Celebrating May Day and giving thanks everyday

Dear May Day, I have realized, along my long and adventurous journey into Elder-hood, Nature is always tickling our noggins with breezes, touching us from our finger tips to the tips of our toes, treating us with delicious tastes, and teasing us with lovely fragrances.
I embrace my Native American heritage and cultural traditions, personally paying respect to Nature for Her lessons and the bountiful gifts She has to offer. I continue to appreciate and practice protecting and preserving Her gifts. I acknowledge Her abilities sustaining life; to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The breath and heart of us all is in one spectacular package; Earth and all of its environment, plant and animal life, and the pure enjoyment of Nature's picturesque images and sweet aromas.

Even though my favorite time of year is when Spring transitions into Summer, May Day is the day I set aside to pay special honor for every day.
For all those gifts that Nature has to offer us, I give thanks. I celebrate.

May you sing Her songs,
dance Her dances,
learn Her lessons,
give thanks,
and keep Her circle strong.

Susan J. Welker
Claire Turtlemoon
May Day, 2018
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