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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Animal · #2157921
Rana the Frog and Charlie the Squirrel discover a Rockstar is Mutant Animal like them
So after spending two weeks resting, Rana had gotten pretty stir-crazy! That was when she saw a poster for popular band The 666 were playing in the nearby Florida Keys!

When she saw one of her favorite bands were doing a concert, she knew she just had to be there! When her Flipper had finally healed, she talked to Charlie about wanting to take the Boat to the Island where the Band would be playing later that week and Charlie was the one who knew how to drive the boat...And read a map.

That was when the Old Man caught the two of them arguing about it.

"Sensai!" They both gasped when he turned on the lights

"Rana, Charlie.." Said the Old Man "...What is this you are arguing about?" Rana explained her wish to see a Rock Concert in the Florida Keys of one of her favorite bands of all time. And Charlie explained how it would be too dangerous in a place with so many Humans.

The Old Man got a twinkle in his eye and said "I have been teaching you both the ways of the Ninja, How to evade the detection of others some of those methods include disguise..."

He pulled out two large black coats and two large Fedora hats.

"These I think shall be sufficient in concealing your Animal Features. You Charlie must take care to keep your tail hidden under your coat. Rana doesn't have that worry as she has no tail!"

"But she does have bulging red eyes and webbed three-fingered hands." Charlie returned hotly

"You will not be walking through the front door." Said the Old Man "This is the perfect chance to demonstrate the Ninja Techniques I taught you, sneaking into the concert hall and blending in with the other revelers." He drew his Frog Daughter and Squirrel Son close "Here is the plan."

Rana and Charlie managed to sneak into the Concert Hall with very little effort. Their Sensai had taught them how to execute these Ninja Moves perfectly! Soon Rana and Charlie were down in a mosh pit with all the other revelers. Rana had to be careful not too start jumping too much or else she would leap right into the sky and everyone would see she was a Frog! But what really surprised Charlie was how much fun he was having! The music was loud but it had a good melody and the dark concert hall was really concealing their Animal features from all the Humans. Seriously everyone was too busy dancing and hooting and hollering to pay any real attention to two quiet people dressed head to toe in black.

Rana finally got a chance to see some of her idols in the flesh! The Lead Guitarist had so much energy The Keyboardist while not very enthusiastic seemed to be technically perfect and the Drummer was an absolute Mad Man! However there was something strange about the Lead Singer, the Leader of the Band 'Reverend Judge' he would keep looking toward Herself and Charlie...
After several leery glances towards Rana and Charlie the Lead Singer Reverend Judge stopped singing and just stared at them. Then the music stopped as his fellow BAND Members had no idea why Judge had stopped singing.

That was when Rana got a strange feeling looking at Reverend Judge ...He looked perfectly human...But there was something about his eyes, something inhuman...Was it Possible Reverend Judge was a Mutant Animal like herself and Charlie? That was when Judge ran off the stage shocking everyone!

Rana grabbed Charlie's hand

"We've got to follow him!" She yelled

"Why?" Charlie asked as she started pulling him through the crowd.

"I think...And I don't know why...But I feel Judge is a Mutant Animal like us!" Rana said as she pulled Charlie into a long hall, there they saw Judge, his back was turned to them. Two Police Officers were talking to him, but Judge was antsy, he was nervous, Finally he snapped and attacked the two Policemen.

Rana and Charlie gasped! For a moment they thought they saw a Brown Bear standing where Judge was, then they saw Judge fighting exactly like a Bear! With downward strikes of his hands!

After Judge attacked the two Police Officers, he dashed for the exit.

Rana was simply stunned! She had no idea the Famous Reverend Judge, her idol was a Mutant Animal like herself...A Mutant Bear at that.

She stood with her large mouth agape until she felt Charlie pull her away "We need to leave before anyone notices us here."

So they left the concert hall. They were both too tired to take the long journey back to the Yucatan Rain Forest where Sensai would be waiting for them, so both wearing their disguises, they headed for the nearest ice cream parlor and ordered a large Chocolate Milkshake to share. The Cashier peered at them, they both kept their Fedoras covering their faces

"You two are the strangest dressed lovers I ever saw." The Cashier said

Rana and Charlie both felt themselves blush

"Actually we're Brother and Sister." Rana said

"Okey Dokey..."Said the Cashier "...I don't even want to know...

That was when Rana and Charlie decided they would take their Milkshake outside. As they two of them sipped their milkshake Charlie sighed and said I guess I should call Sensai and let him know we won't be able to come home tonight..."

"If the concert hadn't ended..." Rana said reflectively "And we had danced until midnight we probably would have been even more tired and less fit to travel the seas.

"Yeah..." Charlie sighed "...You're probably right."

Charlie found a telephone booth and called Sensai

"Moshi Moshi." It was Sensai's Familiar Voice

"Just wanted to call you, the concert ended abruptly and Rana and I are too tired to take the Boat back home tonight so..."

"Hold on Charlie!" Said Sensai "The Concert ended abruptly, can you tell me why?"

Charlie sighed and explained to Sensai what they saw, Discovering Reverend Judge was actually a Mutant Bear.
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