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It's not how grandiose their personality is; it is the smallest aspects of their character
It is not how often they speak that you notice.
         Instead, you notice the way they speak. The way each syllable is carelessly articulated, the tip of their tongue occasionally becoming twisted. The way their voice, not extraordinarily melodic, soothes you in its monotony. It isn't boring, necessarily, though you know it would drive you to high levels of lethargy if the voice belonged to anyone else. Most importantly, it is the way you think their tone changes only when they speak to you, and you feel so special, if only for a transient moment.
It is not the way they look that you notice.
         If you were to be honest, they would not be considered traditionally attractive to many of your peers. Or rather, some of the most vile tongues would call them slovenly, or ugly. Be this as it may, you would rip out the vocal chords of anyone who dared to utter this about the one you love. For your beloved may not be the ideal definition of beauty, but to you, they are absolutely enchanting. Their eyes may be uneven, but it is the way they look at you with such genuine affection and warmth that brings you to your knees. Their hands may be rough and worn, covered in imperfections. But it is the way those same hands gently caress your body, holding you close to their beating heart that makes your face burn in the enticing darkness of a quiet bedroom.
It is not their attitude that you notice.
         You focus more on their little quirks and mannerisms. The way they chew on the tip of their pens, yet complain when others do the same. The way they look up through their eyelashes as they pretend to be invested in a novel, eavesdropping on the conversations around them. The way they conduct their own invisible orchestra as they listen to music, whether it be a classic by Tchaikovsky, or a fast-paced pop song. But most importantly, it is the way they let the smallest of smiles slip when they read something they find amusing, or when they see a small animal going about its daily affairs.

Anyone can take notice of the bigger aspects of who someone is, that is a fact. But it takes a true admirer of the quiet beauty of the ones they love to appreciate all of the little things that make them unique.
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