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A Zebra Dreams Big.
A Zebra squats by the roadside
Chewing cud and dreams
Of Walking on two feet with a swag on
In class learning A to Z's
Having clothes not wearing nude
Living in a house not the bush
Free to roam the land as it pleases
Informed and not ignorant
Safe from the perils of the hunted
A person and not part of the herd
Speaking English not Neighing and Braying
Dreaming big - not of the next meal
Driving instead of Trotting
Having food brought on a plate-Easy-and not searching for it
Defecating in clean toilets not the bush
Medicine for ailments and not survival of the fittest
Taking a hot shower and not a bathe in the cold mud
Drinking piped water and not from the common pool
Living under the rule of Law not of the Jungle
Watch TV and not the Dark
Civilized not a savage
A Human not an Animal

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