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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2158103
Attila fights to become the Hun of the warrior tribes of the Unkai mountains in Nilfheim.
War of The Nine Realms: The Bornholm Amulet

Thrice prompted: From the point of view of a magical object
Word count:

          I am a weapon, one of the lost treasures of Andvari. My name is Bornholm, and I am the most powerful amulet across the nine realms.
          Nilfheim, the realm of ice and fog, home to the warrior tribes of the Unkai Mountains. Today was coronation day for Attila Pannonia, son of Mundzuk the Hun. It was his twenty fifth birthday. The sun had just risen over the Unkai mountains, hidden behind the blizzard of snow and fog that covered this mountain peak. I was in Kohun castle, a great ice fortress. I was silver, the shiniest silver you'll ever see. My chain hung around the neck of Mundzuk the Hun.
          Mundzuk opened the large door of nifl-ice that lead to Attila's room. Nifl-ice was sky blue, and it was used to build most of the structures in Nilfheim. "Good morning father," Attila greeted. He stood in the wide area on the opposite side of the room from his bed, a training area. A rack of several weapons lay between a pair of windows behind him. He had been training, his sword gripped tightly in his hand, sweat covered his pale blue skin. Attila was tall, only a foot or two shorter than Mundzuk, who was seven meters tall. He had Raven black hair, which was quite rare among frost Giants. While, Mundzuk and the rest of the Pannonia family all had white hair. They were both shirtless and wore long pants made of grey-white wolf hide as was the usual attire of the tribesmen of Unkai.
         " Are you ready?" Mundzuk asked. "Yes, father, I have been preparing for this day my entire life. I swear, I will survive! and become the next Hun!" Attila proclaimed. Mundzuk smiled, " Yes, I have great faith in you Attila. Whatever happens, I want you to know, I am proud to call you my son."
         "And I too am proud to call you father." Attila responded. Mundzuk grunted and gave Attila a slight nod, "Now come, there is a great feast to be had."
         The great dining hall was packed with high ranking tribesmen of Unkai, all the tribes had gathered to see Attila become the next Hun, leader of the Unkai or to see him die trying. Attila's family was also there, his younger brothers Bleda, Kumori and Jetza. His sisters Kiddey and Macori, and his mother Corhi. They all had encouraging words for him, for the both of them as they prepared for the coronation.
         It was several hours later now, the sun was going into its final descent and the coronation ceremony was about to begin. The stands were filled with clamoring tribesmen and women. We were at Balamber arena. It was named after the first Hun and located in Kohun pass, the birth place of every Hun that had ever existed. Kohun pass was like a huge pathway cut through the ice mountain. The stands were located on either side in this arena. The wind howled and a never ending cascade of fog blew across the arena floor. As was custom of the ceremony, Mundzuk removed me from his neck and placed me upon the nilf-ice pedestal at the center of the arena. He held his blade tightly in one hand and stepped back down on to the ice to face Attila.
         As was the law of the Pannonia family, on the twenty fifth birthday of an heir to The Hun. There will be a grand coronation ceremony. Where the heir fights his father to the death for the title of The Hun and possession of the bornholm amulet. Dolkcherick was the head shaman, he stood at a podium up in the stands, " Proud warriors of Unkai! We are gathered here today for the coronation of Attila Pannonia. Today he battles his father, Mundzuk The Hun, for his title and the bornholm amulet. And, just as Mundzuk and every Hun that has come before him has slayed his father and led us into a brighter and more prosperous future, today, Attila you must prove that you are stronger than your father. Or die trying." A flurry of cheers erupted from the crowd. "Now, begin!" Dolkcherick shouted.

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