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Search: Ex Area 51 worker explains alien craft propulsion... the Lazar Tape.
Durning the 1970's Bob Lazar worked at S4, a top secret base fifty-one miles south of the Nellis Test Site. There he worked on a project to back engineer alien technology from crashed extraterrestrial space craft. His revelations, more than those of anybody else, shed light onto the progress made since the first of the saucer disks crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The tape above is the most lucid explanation of what had been discovered up to that time, regarding the means by which the alien Greys had traveled from their solar system to ours. He discusses the fuel, propulsion system, and physics of their technology, used to distort space time and cross vast distances while operating below the speed of light.

Common to the revelations of many whistle blowers is the lengths the Intelligence Agencies (The gatekeepers of secrecy) have gone to discredit and marginalize his story from challenging his academic credentials to disparaging the level of his involvement in the back engineering effort then taking place. I leave it to the reader to watch the tape and reach their own conclusions regarding his formal training as an astrophysicist and his understanding of what he says to his audience. He breaks his tape into two parts. The first deals with matters he was directly involved in giving him first hand experience. The second part speaks to what he saw and learned but matters in which he has no conclusive proof to offer.

Part 1: In part 1 he discusses the physics of how how vast distances across the galaxy can be traversed. Next he talks about the power to fuel the interstellar drive. He goes on to describe the motive power source and how it functions. In the end he describes the saucers at S4 and the "Sports Model" he went aboard and his witness of the extraterrestrial hardware and the functions performed by the components.

He begins with the problem long faced by physicists struggling with long distance space travel. This is the constraint offered by the speed of light. There are a host of problems that follow if the assumption is made to accelerate in a straight line from point X to Y, gradually traveling ever faster and approaching the speed of light. To overcome this problem the alien solution is to bend space time. If you visualize an ant walking across a bed sheet one can see that the time for the journey could be reduced if the sheet were pinched at his starting location, lifted at this point X and then dragged over to Point Y and dropped. The linear distance is bridged and the ant steps on at Point X and off at Point Y.

A discussion follows that goes into more detail. It centers on two types of gravity, A and B, found in all matter. Gravity A is a small wave that holds atoms together. It is a glue that binds together the protons and neutrons. Gravity B is the glue that holds the solar system together, anchors us to the earth's surface and keeps the planets in orbit. Since there are other solar systems with much larger suns, one can theorize that some systems have different elements. The craft used both types of gravity..., B for travel inside the solar system and A for interstellar travel.

Gravity A, is an elemental force, that does not extend beyond the core of an atom, at least not in our solar system. Earth is not representative of all the possible elements that might naturally occur in a periodic table. There are theoretical elements in the 114-115 range that do however, radiate a gravity field beyond their perimeters. Physics considers these exotic or rare elements and when they are synthesized in colliders are highly unstable, with short half lives, and vanish in almost the same instant they're created. The higher the number the more unstable they become until the 114 to 115 threshold is reached. 115, however, is unexpectedly stable, has an extended gravity wave and theoretically can exist in a solid form for useful periods of time. Still, there is no physical evidence of this element on our planet.

While we don't have the means to synthesize or acquire this element the extraterrestrials do. Bob Lazar goes on to explain how this technology works in greater detail. The first point he makes is that distorting space time requires an energy source that is not readily available. The source of this power is Element 115, an element not present in the Periodic Table of Elements. This element could naturally occur in other solar systems but does not exist in ours. It belongs in a category of rare atomic structures that can be theorized and sometimes briefly synthesized in particle colliders. The problem is that most of these are highly unstable and vanish almost as soon as created. This element 115 is stable and what they found in the "Gas Tank" of the reactor Bob worked on. He claims that his hiring was to replace a physicist who was killed when a saucer reactor was removed, taken underground and cut into. What resulted was an explosion, an unanticipated consequence, or occupational hazard, associated with working on components that are not fully understood.

The most significant aspect of element 115 is, as alluded to above, that it has a gravity wave length that extends beyond its circumference. The key here is that when a wave exists, it can be amplified. Lazar uses a geiger counter and an occilliscope to explain the ideas he is expressing. The geiger counter shows that a decaying element emits particles that can be measured. The occilliscope demonstrates that a wavelength can be amplified and extended.

The power source is a reactor and the fuel is element 115. It is compact and light weight and placed in the reactor in a wedge shaped configuration. The target particles emitted by the element are bombarded and become fissionable. Anti matter is created which is a force in opposition to all matter. This creates the power source necessary to bend space time, a process which requires a strong energy source. Small amounts of anti-matter are released down a gaseous tube and converted to electrical energy

To provide an example of the scope of this power, Lazar uses the following example.

The Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima contained a measure of fissionable material. When detonated it destroyed everything in a two mile radius. If the same bomb was enhanced with hydrogen it would destroy everything in a twenty mile radius. The point he makes that while this is a tremendous destructive capability it is only one percent efficient in liberating the full potential of the fissionable material. He goes on to emphasize the if the full potential of the fissionable material had been achieved a major portion of the surface area of the earth would have been obliterated. The lesson learned is that Anti Matter that generates in the saucer reactor is nearly one hundred percent efficient. He estimates that 20-30 grams of 115 has a service life of 150 years.

Lazar worked in an area known as S4. Access by aircraft was tightly controlled with a three layered system. Layer 1 involved warning off by radio. Layer 2 jets were scrambled to escort the intruder out. Layer 3 included anti aircraft missiles and authorization to use deadly force. Inside the hanger he worked were 9 extraterrestrial craft. The one he had hands on knowledge about was called the Sports Model. It was roughly sixteen by forty feet and was constructed of a material that looked like polished stainless steel. On at least one occasion he was allowed inside. The craft had three levels. On the lower level were three reactors. These had nozzles that could be moved to direct the motion of the craft. The center level was the operations center. Here were counsels and seat for the operators, who were much smaller than their human counterparts. The top level he was never given access to and is not aware of what was up there.

Part 2:

Bob Lazar was provided overview material in a classified setting and allowed to read from materials for twenty to thirty minute time periods. This he called the Government Bible and allowed the back engineers to see what they were working on in a broader context. These materials were a part of a more pervasive knowledge base that was being used for decision making and information that was not available to the general public. This briefing material contained information on the Alien Greys as well as technical knowledge pertaining to other areas being back engineered. The parts he read relating to his area of expertise, he found to be up-to-date and factual.

The briefing materials said the aliens were from Zeta Reticula, a binary star system that is thirty light years away. Their planet was designated Reticula 4 which is analogous to the Earth being the third planet and designated SOL 3. The Greys were said to be visiting here for a long time, and contact with humans had been made. Apparently in 1979 there had been some sort of conflict and they departed. A reconciliation was later reached.

In 1988 Lazar says he met with Dr.Teller who was interested in an article on a jet car he built. He sent Teller a query letter for possible employment and was referred to a point of contact that got him hired into the system.

Be advised that I'm not a physicist and have translated his video into a format and words suited to my understanding. If you have further questions refer to the video referenced above.

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