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by River
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Damian's search for the woman of his dreams.
As Damian's small private jet landed on the Greek island of Sarpedon, he gazed at the familiar surroundings. The sky and the water were so blue it took his breath away. Sarpedon was the perfect place for sailing, windsurfing. and swimming. However, that was not why he was here.

Damian came to find Medusa, the beautiful young woman he'd left on this beach five years ago. Memories of her beautiful dark hair flowing in silky waves to her waist and her smooth flawless skin made him ache to take her in his arms again.

He kicked off his shoes, rolled up his pant legs, and began walking down the beach. He came to a grouping of stone sculptures positioned in life-like poses. Damian marvelled at the details of their faces, especially their eyes and expressions. Whoever the artist was he/she was gifted. The sculptures hadn't been here five years ago.

The sand warmed his feet as he continued on his quest. He saw a young woman sitting on a rock further down the beach, her back was facing him, but Damian would know that form anywhere.

“Is that you, Medusa?” He raced toward her.

“No! Turn back, Damian,” Medusa shouted. “You can't see my face.”

Damian ran as fast as possible, he reached Medusa and spun her around to drink in her beauty. Shock and horror overcame him as he looked at the young woman's face. Gone was the smooth skin and the beautiful silky hair.

Before him stood an old hag, her face wrinkled and contorted, her once beautiful hair teaming with live snakes, and her red eyes gleaming with evil.

Damian tried to look away, but he was frozen in place and as he stared into the evil eyes he slowly turned to stone.

All that was left was another sculpture on the beach.

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