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When a party takes a tragic turn, Detective Daugherty gets dragged into the scene.
​ It was a clear night, on the 31st of March, a perfect night for a party, according to Lady Gillion.

"But my dear!" Explained Sir Gillion to his wife, early that morning. "It’s a Blue moon tonight, it isn't such a grand idea to host a party!"

"Posh, even a better night to celebrate, it will prove to you that this Blue Moon, and its curse is all a bunch of humbug." With that she rang for the butler and told him to send out an invitation to, Lady Goritha, Lady Raven, and Lady Shileen.

"Yes, M'lady" Mark the butler bowed and headed out towards the door.

"Wait Mark, I'm sure George would like to invite some of his friends along, wouldn't you dear?"

"Hmmm?" Sir Gillion laid down his paper. "Ey why not M'dear, Mark Invite Sir George, Sir Isaac, Sir Silas, and Sir Nicholas, that should do for tonight, oh and please invite them to stay the night." He smiled at his wife who had risen an eyebrow at him.

When Mark had left, and the door had shut behind him, Lady Gillion spoke. " Whymy dear, who on earth are we going to put in the Blue Room?"

Sir Gillion replied, with a slight glint in his eye "Why Lady Raven of Course."

"But... The room's atmosphere would go way better with Lady Goritha don't you think?"

" Why ever would you say that? I think Lady Raven would quite enjoy being in the Blue Room, It’s the largest in the house, and has the best view."

" Even better for Lady Goritha, you know how she can get my dear, with not having the most of everything, she would much appreciate sleeping in the Blue Room for the night"

"You yourself said my love that the Blue Moon's curse was all humbug, so why are you so frightened to put Lady Raven into that room?"

Lady Gillion sighed " You know how much I loathe you using my words against me George, but if there is a curse, then I hold you fully responsible for Lady Raven, I don't forgive lightly when it comes to my best friend."

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That evening Lady Goritha was the first to float into the Drawing room, accompanied by the butler. Before Lady Gillion could turn around and greet her first guest, Lady Goritha complained about the staff

"Sophie darlin, you have got to change butlers, that frog of a man nearly slammed the door in my face!"

Lady Gillion smiled prettily " I'll have a talk with Mark as soon as I get a chance, Lady Goritha."

" Darlin, you have got to start callin me by my surname, now I will leave this instance if you don't start callin me Rowena."

" Rowena" Sophie corrected " We've put you in the green room, will that suffice?

" Look at me hun! Do I look as if I could sleep in the Green Room! Haven't you noticed my new gown?!"

Sophie mentally took a deep breathe , getting frustrated with her would not work at all. She glanced at Rowena's outfit, she looked very pretty tonight, with her blonde hair pulled back in a pretty bun. Her blue dress matched her eyes beautifully, and gave her a perfect figure, her hat matched her dress, and had a small white feather neatly tucked into the rim. She did look quite wonderful, beautiful in fact. She was so absorbed in looking at Rowena she had missed half the conversation, and she quickly put on a smile, and payed close attention to the rest of the sentence.

"No, no, the blue room will do very well for me, that atmosphere is most becoming."
Sophie glanced at her husband unsure what to do, but luckily he saved her just in time.
" Lady Goritha a pleasant night for a party is it not?" He gently took her outstretched hand bowed and kissed it.
"Quite." She sniffed putting her nose higher up in the air than ever. "Oh Sophie what do you think is keeping the other guests up, I so despise tardiness."
"Why Rowena, I hope the guests won't keep you any longer, you see you are but an hour early!"
An hour later all the guests had slowly arrived. Sir Silas and Lady Shileen arrived at the same time and had bonded very well. A few minutes later Sir Nicholas and Sir Isaac, arrived. Lastly Lady Raven slowly came in.
"Why Lady Raven you look as if you walked the whole way!!" Sophie tried to hide her expression of shock and horror but Lady Raven saw right through it.
" Yes, well-" Sophie gestured something like ' not now catch me later' and gracefully went off to greet the other guests. Neither of these two woman new that there wouldnt be another quiet moment.
The party had gone well, with no incident, that anyone could call abnormal, after a delicious supper, the guest slowly began going to there rooms.
Sir Silas, had the Red room, Sir Isaac the Mahogany room, Sir Nicholas had the Yellow Room. Lady Goritha although reluctantly took the Green room, Lady Shileen had the Pink room, and Lady Raven took the Blue Room with even more reluctance than Lady Goritha. In the end she didn't want to offend her Host and Hostess and took the room with a forced smile.


ps. I having gotten to correcting punctuation and. My apologies, for the small inconvenience.

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