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When I got THE BEST substitute teacher.
I stepped into my classroom and sat down at my usual place, right next to Karen Crane, my best friend. I noticed I was a few minutes late, but there was no teacher in the room. After a couple more minutes, when I was about to whisper to Karen and joke if we were going to have a teacher today, a woman came in. She walked straight forward and didn't even look at us until she got to her desk and turned, sitting down.

“Mr. Johnson is sick today, so I will be your substitute teacher for now,” the woman said. “You may call me Miss Blackwell. I will be teaching you about . . .” The teacher looked confused. She paused a moment, her eyes widened, and her smile was bigger than a child's at a candy shop. She looked at each of us kids with her creepy expression before she pounded her fists on her desk.

“What is she doing?” I whispered to Karen.

“Christopher Columbus didn't discover America,” Miss Blackwell said suddenly in an amazed tone, as if she didn't already know.

“Oh, wow, we totally didn't know that,” Ann White said sarcastically.

“Miss White, you didn't raise your hand,” the teacher said, her face turning serious again. Ann's face turned bright red. I choked back a giggle. I never heard Ann being told she was doing something wrong before that.

Miss Blackwell slowly put her palm against her forehead, then sighed.

“Mr. Carlson, detention,” she said.

That time, no one could help laughing, except maybe Ann, who was still dying from embarrassment. Mr. Carlson was our principal.

“What is it?” Miss Blackwell asked, blinking rapidly. One of the boys raised his hand. “Yes, Mr. Jones?”

“Will Principal Carlson really get a detention?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered. The whole class burst into laughter again. Even Ann turned a bit less red as she bit her lip to keep from giggling. Miss Blackwell's face transformed back into its creepy, happy grin and wide eyes as she suddenly shouted, “Everybody gets candy!”

I was really starting to like this substitute teacher. First Ann, the most annoying girl in my class, got embarrassed, then this? This was probably the best Monday of my life.

Of course, just as I was getting used to her, these big men shoved the door open and ran up to Miss Blackwell. She just stood there, not even noticing them. One of the men reached up to her head and flipped the back part of it up. I nearly fainted, but Karen nudged me and pointed at some wires. Then I realized what happened. Miss Blackwell was a glitchy robot! As they lead her away, I found myself craving candy.
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