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by Nessa
Rated: E · Chapter · Fanfiction · #2158186
A fan fiction piece based on the character Ruby from Supernatural

The pain....

That is the thought currently cycling through Ruby's mind as her life fades away in the little cottage where she went so often to meet with her coven. This was supposed to be a routine meeting of the women who practiced the dark arts. Perhaps a little chanting, spell work for someone lusting over another woman's husband. You know...routine witchcraft and then back home before people got suspicious. A charge of witchcraft was no small thing in this village so you had to be careful.

The evening started innocuous enough. Ruby was the third one to arrive at the cottage. Samantha, the young woman who had recruited each woman for this group, was in a corner talking in hushed tones to a woman Ruby had never seen before. She looked over at Ruby briefly and smiled. Her eyes were the brightest blue that Ruby had ever seen. The woman looked away and continued talking to Samantha. Ruby couldn't hear everything but the conversation sounded a little odd. There was a lot of talk about tonight being the night. Samantha was begging the woman to give her one more night to let everyone know. Then they would fall silent again. Well, Ruby thought to herself, I had better stop being nosy and get the altar table set up and the candles lit. When she finished blessing the altar cloth, she noticed the rest of the women had arrived. It was time to get started

The women gathered around the table to begin the opening chant. Before one word could be spoken, the door flew open as if someone had shot a canon through it. In the doorway stood a young woman named Prudence. She was notorious in the village for accusing women of witchcraft. Ruby felt an ice like chill shoot down her spine. There was no way this could end good for anyone in the room.

"I knew it! Come quickly Father Brennan", Prudence yelled out the door. "There is evil afoot in this house!"

Ruby leapt to her feet immediately, grabbed Prudence, slammed the door and then dropped latched. This was not going to happen tonight. An accusation was a sure death sentence and there was enough evidence in this room to ensure that the hanging would be tonight. Ruby thought maybe, just maybe she could calm Prudence down and get her to listen to reason.

She was very wrong.

A strange symphony of horror began to fill the air. Prudence was screaming for the Father to break the door down door, Ruby was begging Prudence to stop screaming and just listen for ONE DAMN MINUTE, the Father was yelling from outside to open the door in the name of the Holy Father. Ruby had finally gotten Prudence to stop screaming when another voice rose from the cacophony.

"Well I guess tonight is the night after all isn't it ladies?"

It was the woman that Ruby had seen earlier talking to Samantha. The smile on her face was absolutely terrifying. And her eyes Ruby thought to herself...there is something weird with her eyes. She didn't have a chance to give it much more thought though. In a flash Samantha ran towards the woman screaming "No don't...!" Before she was able to finish her thought, her body was flung across the room, slamming head first on to the stone fireplace hearth. Ruby barely had time to ponder how that happened when the rest of the women in the room started screaming and rushing for the door to get out. Ruby ran to Samantha's side to see if she was okay. She knelt at her side, rolled her to one side and saw that her head was bleeding profusely. Ruby screamed Samantha's name, looked at the unknown woman and yelled, "who the hell are you?" She grabbed the fire poker from its holder, fully intending to attack the unknown woman who had likely killed her friend. Ruby saw the poker fly out of her hand, turn around and forcefully slam into her chest piercing her lung. She screamed in pain and glanced at the unknown woman...she was laughing maniacally while the other women were pinned to walls of the house. It was then that Ruby realized...she was doing this somehow. She was doing all of it and had not moved from the corner of the room she had occupied since Ruby first saw her.

The pain...

As the room grew darker and Ruby grasped the fact that she was going to die right on this floor, she glanced at her coven leader again, bleeding out on the floor next to her. She then looked at the unknown woman, who was still laughing as she systematically slaughtered every person in the house. She then looked down at Ruby, and smiled a rather sweet smile under the circumstances and said, "Don't worry, I will be seeing you again sweet girl. We have many plans for you."

As the last bit of life drained from Ruby, she looked up to face her killer. The last thing she saw before darkness swallowed her was her killer's eyes. Once a beautiful sky blue, they were now pitch black.

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