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Assignment for Grammar Garden
I will give you a sentence and you must find the verb, the subject and the direct object by asking the following questions in the following order:

1. Find the action word. The result is your VERB.

2. Ask who or what verbed? The answer is the SUBJECT.

3. Ask Subject verbed who or what? The answer is the DIRECT OBJECT.

4. Re-write the sentence using the coding for each identification.

         a. Blue Nouns
         b. Teal Pronouns
         c. Bold Subjects
         d. Grape Verbs
         e. Italic Direct Objects
         f. Tan Article Adjectives

*ButterflyV*Here is what your response for each item will look like when completed correctly.

Joe called school.

         1. Action word = called. (verb)
         2. Who or what called? = Joe (subject)
         3. Joe called who or what? = school (direct object)

                   Joe called school.


The planes flew.

         1. Action word = flew (verb)
         2. Who or what flew? = planes (subject)
         3. Planes flew who or what? = nothing (NO direct object)

                   The planes flew.

Here are our questions. Make each one look like the appropriate example above.

1. Babies cry.

         1. Action word = cry. (verb)
         2. Who or what cry? = Babies (subject)
         3. Babies cry who or what? = No direct object

                   Babies cry.

2. The babies cried.

         1. Action word = cried. (verb)
         2. Who or what cry? = Babies (subject)
         3. Babies cry who or what? = No direct object


3. A mechanic fixed the car.

         1. Action word = fixed. (verb)
         2. Who or what fixed? = Mechanic (subject)
         3. Mechanic fixed who or what? = car (Direct Object)

                   A mechanic fixed the car.

4. Stop!

         1. Action word = Stop! (verb)
         2. Who or what stop? = You (subject)
         3. You stop who or what? = No direct object

                   You stop!

5. Squirrels hid acorns.

         1. Action word = hid (verb)
         2. Who or what hid? = Squirrels (subject)
         3. Squirrels hid who or what? = acorns (Direct Object)

                   Squirrels hid acorns.

6. The squirrels hid the acorns.

         1. Action word = hid (verb)
         2. Who or what hid? = Squirrels (subject)
         3. Squirrels hid who or what? = acorns (Direct Object)

                   The squirrels hid the acorns.

7. Hurricanes destroy property.

         1. Action word = destroy (verb)
         2. Who or what hid? = Huricanes (subject)
         3. Squirrels hid who or what? = property (Direct Object)

                   Huricanes destroy property

8. Mary pushed him.

         1. Action word = pushed (verb)
         2. Who or what hid? = Mary (subject)
         3. Squirrels hid who or what? = him (Direct Object)

                   Mary pushed him

9. She pushed me.

         1. Action word = pushed (verb)
         2. Who or what pushed? = She (subject)
         3. She pushed who or what? = him (Direct Object)

                   She pushed him

Part B

Lesson Two Assignment - Sentences 10 - 12

Write three sentences with EACH pattern given to you below.

10. V


11. S - V.

Dog dug.
Cat scratched.
Fish swam

12. S - V – DO

Dog dug holes
Cat scratched me.
I ran home.

Remember Each sentence and word in your entire Lesson Two Assignment may not be used more than one time except for the article adjectives. Be sure not to use words and sentences from our lesson examples either.

Story Project: Simple Sentences

An eternity ago, when I went to school, we started learning to read with the Dick and Jane stories. Our first grade readers were filled with simple sentences like we're studying this week. Below is my version of a basic Dick and Jane story. It's a very silly story, but it illustrates the basic concepts of our lesson this week. So go have a little fun with it.

Lesson Two Story Project Instructions

1. Copy and paste the story below into a static item in your port.

2. Identify the subject of each sentence with bold and the verb in purple.

3. Identify nouns with blue, pronouns with teal, and article adjectives with tan.

4. Identify the direct object (if there is one) of each sentence with italics.

5. Submit your coded story with your Lesson Two Assignments as a bitem link under the thread "Lesson Two Assignments."

Lesson Two Story Project: Ms. Katz's Dick and Jane Story

I did the first paragraph so you can see what your work should look like.

Dick runs. Jane sees the flowers. Stop! Stop! Dick jumps!

Jane smells the flowers. Dick picks flowers. Jane smiles. Spot eats the flowers. Jane cries.

Mother hugs Jane. Dick pats Spot.

Mother bakes cookies. Spot steals a cookie. He eats the cookies. Spot makes a mess.

Jane calls Mother. She scolds Spot. Dick laughs. Mother cleans the mess.

Jane helps Mother. They bake cookies. Everyone eats the cookies.
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