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by Freya
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What I feel it would be like to have this ice cold hand of this foe upon your shoulders.
What is depression?
It is to have a hot fresh meal and not taste the food.
It is to be in a crowd yet feel alone.
It is to have a hug yet feel a knife in the heart.
It is have a face with no expressions.
It is to to sleep the night away yet wake up tired and restless.
It is to watch a movie and feel nothing inside.
It is to play your fave song yet not dance or sing along.
It is to have love yet feel isolated.
It is to play out things in your head and always expect the worst.
It is to want to cry yet have no tears to shed.
It is a silent killer of thousands every minute of every day.
It is the one thing no one can predict or brace for.
It hides and lurks in the shadows of every mind, corner, and backseat.
It is the one thing that will drive you mad, crazy, and fill you with hopelessness and defeat you in ways you never thought of.
It is there waiting.
It is inside everyone.
It just hides better in some than others.
It is a voice that drives you to say or do things that you normally would never do.
It is silent yet will hold onto a person's soul harder than you will ever imagine.
It will never let go without a fight.
It will cause you to be late, tired, cranky, irritated, short tempered, short sighted, angry, and fill you with hopelessness, defeat you in unimaginable ways,
It will be ruthless and take root deep inside of you.
It will be relentless and never discriminate.
It has no hidden agenda.
It only wants to take root and spread like a cancer.
It wants you to give in, give up, and accept your defeat like all the others that came before you and will fall victim long after you are defeated and forgotten.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2158401