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This is my first peice of writing on this website, and of this topic. Hope you enjoy!
Seemingly endless
That lagging feeling that I'm not normal burried deep in the back of my thoughts
I didn't want to find a label
But I searched for one anyway
An identity
A definition
Synonym: Myself

And there it was.
My name printed in black ink on the page of a crossword puzzel
But it was backwards and upside down

Most people don't read that way.
They couldn't understand my definition.
My definition that says it's okay for two perfumes to mix, or to have two lip gloss lips kiss.

She told me to lay down on her lap and softly stroked my pink hair.
I'd never been touched before.
She played with my wooded bead bracelet
I played with her heart.

We danced til midnight
And that's not an exageration
Every day I long for her to open up about that day
We could sneak out on a girl and girl date or let the world know who we are.
But she keeps her mouth shut just like mine.

Our love would be labled
Our lives would change.
Would all our friends except us?
Despite all the chaos that could happen, my mind drifts off wondering if yours would like to meet me at the tip of the shore.
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