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Bath, tub, or spa ... what's in a name? A PersonITfication Entry
Good Clean Fun

Bath, Tub, or Spa. What’s in a name?
My purpose remains just the same.
I’m here to soak your cares away
and, sometimes, to support your play.

I probably was your first pool.
I washed your dirt off after school,
a playground full of shiny bubbles,
an oasis amidst your troubles.

I’ll hold you when you’re day’s been long
and soothe you when your day’s gone wrong.
And should a “burble” come to pass,
remember, I don’t run on gas!

Then there are times you feel like fun
I’ll accommodate you – two for one –
with scented petals or bath salt -
after that, it’s NOT my fault.

I offer you protection too
from tornadoes passing through.
I can even act like a boat:
just put the plug in and I’ll float.

The truth is I am versatile.
I’ll always leave you with a smile
and offer you just what you seek:
a modern version of the creek.

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