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It's a short, morbid story/poem about my life and relationship.
As the rain poured down, her heart beat again. It was sudden, and unprecedented. She didn’t have to plan when the rain fell from the clouds. She didn’t have to think when the clouds dropped their heavy tears. She just walked. She just walked and felt. She didn’t have to think. She could do everything in the rain. She learned how to breathe again. When it rained, she could hear the sound of it so clearly, that she didn’t need to hear herself. She sang a tune as clear as the rain. After all, when it rained, it poured.
He saw her in that moment. Not as his love, not as a woman. But rather as the universe meant her to be. He saw her break from her pain, break from the cuts on her wrist. He saw her accept the rain like it was love. He saw her breathe what tore her down and exhale it like the fire he knew she could be.
She saw him, and felt him. And breathed him in. She breathed with him. He coursed through her blood with every inhale, every exhale. She felt him. She heard him say something but it was lost in the distance between them. They were too far apart. The rain tore through their clothes. The rain touched them in every place. She could see him again. She loved him like she would never love anything else again. Nothing compared. Nothing could dare stop her. Nothing would.
She turned and he could no longer breathe. He saw her, and only her. Everything else faded, and he felt like he was crushed by the weight of her eyes. In the grey light, they were nothing but cold, blue. The blue you got from the deep ocean. Up close, they were softer, and they were sad. It was no longer just blue. You could see the gold in her eyes, the worth of her. And looking in to them, he knew he could never leave. Not because she needed him, but because she wanted him.
Tired of the distance, they walked slowly, but couldn’t bear it. They clashed. Their souls, their pain, their beauty. Their bodies touched and they cried. It had been so long, hadn’t it? Had it been years, months, days? The pain felt endless. The pain felt like it would never stop. A burning, crashing pain. Tears poured, and so did the rain.
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