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an innocent take on new love, infatuation, and the painful distance between longing hearts
"When You’re Near"

When you’re near my tummy fills
with pink and sickly butterflies.
When you’re near, I see it clear,
the beauty in the trees and skies.
When you’re near my heart soars high,
in flight with wings of my desire.
When you’re near, my ears are coal,
burning golden in the fire.

When you’re close, I’m far away,
my brain is filled with glitter glue
When you’re close, our shoulders touch,
I want to give my heart to you.
When you’re close I feel the heat,
I long to reach out for your hand
When you’re close I get distracted,
sinking quickly in the sand.

When you’re far I feel the chasm
'tween my ribs and in my chest.
When you’re far, I'm all alone,
your lost attention I detest.
When you’re far I try to fight
the thoughts of you inside my mind.
But when you’re far I realize that
within my thoughts you’re all I find.

And then you’re back and I‘m relieved
my soul could bear the agony.
When you’re here it’s like a song
to feel my hearts cacophony.
And when you’re here, like flighty bats,
away goes all my fear.
When you’re back I must concede -
the butterflies are still right here.

                   - e. rose
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