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Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #2158639
Mice Of Men.
Fear lives deeply and silently tucked away within us all.
It is instrumental to our survivability and controllability.
It is a self-acting limitation on our destructive habits and behaviors.
Without it, we would fail to identify poor choices and bad situations.
And we would quickly and inevitably arrive at our end and perish.
Fear itself can be a thrill if held and portrayed within the proper context.
It is a reminder of the gruesome nature that is a part of all of us.
The numerous amount of tactics of brutality that we used so carelessly against our own kind.
Torturing others for information to gain a defensive or offensive foothold in our wars.
Or at times, even in a form of sadistic pleasure.
History holds many weapons that have been created for this purpose alone.
But none is as deadly as the human mind itself.
Whether it be induced through madness or wickedness.
It is a sickness that plagues us as a race.
Some view it just for a taste.
While others indulge in the aura created by others pain.
The kings of the past are what formed our future.
Creating wars of unnecessary onslaughts and violent intrusions.
Through the name of God, they used manipulation to create levels of unjustified power.
Bringing torment to the peasants, creating fear of a slaughter.
And when they faced their ends, they turned into weak little cowards.
Generally taking their own lives to evade the people's vengeance and retaliation.
But little did they know that the religion they abused would come back to haunt them.
The holy wars that they waged would never find an ending.
While the God they denied through lies and human sacrifice removed their prominence and social reverence.
Leaving them all to rot and decay in a hell of an unpleasant existence.
So if this is our past, then what is at stake in the present?
These political hate-mongers will meet their match in bloodshed.
Returning to the dirt like those of the past.
Have no confusion regarding the outcome of these situations at hand.
As time repeats itself and releases its revelations.
It is proven through science that every beginning has an ending.
And in the end, we are all just men.
We can not bend our fate, nor can we regulate what is at stake.
We will all be reaped of that in which we take.
And in the conclusion, the mighty will find a grave.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2158639