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The mystery of the misterious man.
Don't know why,
But I feel insecure .
His words are moving round and round,
His friendship be a questioning bound.

What he wants from me,
What he needs from me,
His puzzled behaviour make doubt in me.

He have a quality,
To make his own words like a master,
Is he a master or a real monster?

Sometimes he is an archangel,
and sometimes he looks like a perfect stranger.
The master of dark things ,
I truly feel afraid, afraid of you,
But don't have any clue.

When I see his work, wanna appreciate it,
What ever it is, don't wanna depreciate it.
Its your secret can't explore it,
Its your dream,don't wanna interrupt in it.

But I wanna know,
Why does he talk to me ?
Why does he lock to me ?
He wants to change everything ,
here is mysterious something .

With a big game plan.
Highly challenging to understand!..
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