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This is for anyone with depression, because I went through it, but evetually made it out.
I tossed all my gold coins in a wishing well, smiling brightly because I could imagine a brighter future
It's been three years, and nothing has changed for the better
In fact, it's slowly gotten worse
It's disturbing how I was so full of hope for something so unreal

But I'm at the well again, so I dig in my pockets looking for just a penny to toss to maybe make things better
But I appear to be broke.

All I can do is cry, embracing the pain that's been carved in my heart, stitched on my skin, and let the icy chill that stings my every thought and move take me in.

My scars are my thoughts, my pain, my personal battle.

Another year passes and my wounds seem to have faded
I've grown a lot stronger
Now that I've learned to except the days that rain, and tough out the hurricanes.
The grass can't grow if it hasn't been under grey skies before after all.

Not only that, but I can apreciate every waking moment twice as much, because I know what it's like to not really live when your living.
It's like being half asleep, but not completly.
You know when you first wake up in the morning?
That's the feeling.
But it will pass.
You'll wake up fully, and you'll live your life.
And when you do wake up, live life to best you can, every hour, every breath.
Time is precious.
It's an hour glass, but we can't see it or flip it upside down.
We can't undo the past, so do what you would have wished you had done

WARNING: You'll miss out on so much, so don't just say that's nice that someone else got better. Actually do something good for yourself.
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