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You go on a blind date with Tony Stark.
Y/n = your name
F/c = favorite color
E/c = eye color
H/s = hair style
Reader's P.O.V.
You were in your room when your phone buzzed. You picked it up and it was from your best friend Natasha. You answered the phone.
"Hello." You said leaning against the frame of your bed.
"Y/n, I have a surprise for you." Natasha said with excitement.
"What is it this time?" You asked.
"You're going on a blind date." Natasha said happily.
"What?!? With who?!?" You exclaimed.
"I can't tell you. It's called a blind date for a reason." Natasha said.
"Fine, when is it?"
"At six, today."
"What?!? That's in one hour!" You exclaimed.
"He'll come and pick you up. It's formal, so wear a cute dress." Natasha said hanging up.
You threw your phone on your dresser.
"Natasha that little matchmaker. I told her I haven't found the guy." You said looking through your closet for a dress.
You found a f/c long dress with short cuffed sleeves and found some cute shoes to go with it. You did a h/s hairstyle and put on a tad bit of makeup. He should be there in ten minutes, so you decided to get a good book and read until he got there. *Ding dong* You opened the door only to reveal Tony Stark. He was wearing a nice tux and smiled as you opened the door.
"That evil soul." You mumbled under your breath.
"Excuse me, what was that?" Tony asked, a smirk crossing his face.
"Nothing. So where we going?" You asked closing the door behind you.
"Can't I get a name?" He asked.
You sighed. "Y/n."
"Tony Stark." He said extending out his hand.
You gave him a firm handshake, which surprised him. "I know who you are Mr. Stark." You said. "And, whoa... that is a nice car."
Tony smiled. "I know right. I mean the decals are pretty nice don't you think?"
"Yeah sure. Can we leave now? It's getting kinda chilly out here." You said with a shiver.
"Yeah." Tony said opening the passenger door for you.
"Thanks." You said getting in the car.
He drove you to a really fancy building
"Ready." He asked.
"I guess." You said getting out of the car.
You guys walked in and there was a lot of people, and not just any people rich people, like really rich. You feel you didn't quite fit in. Tony took notice and whispered into your ear. "Don't worry, you'll be fine."
You took a deep breath and nodded. A slow song started playing.
"May I have this dance?" He asked extending out his hand.
"Of course." You said grabbing his hand as he took you to the dance floor.
You were really glad you took those dance lessons, because it really paid off.
"You're pretty good at dancing." Tony said as he twirled you around.
"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself." You said.
The song ended and you both sat back down. Another slow song started and a handsome young man walked up to you and asked you to dance. Tony raised a quizzical eyebrow and sat quietly as you two walked onto the dance floor. *Natasha did pretty good this time.* Tony thought staring at you. *She's pretty cute. I should invite her to the tower.* The song ended and you sat back down next to Tony.
"Hey, um, uh, do you want to go for a walk?" Tony asked hesitantly.
"Yeah, I kinda need the fresh air." You said walking out with Tony.
You and Tony walked around and started to get to know each other.
"Look at Tony." Natasha whispered from the roof to Steve. "He's actually laughing and talking with y/n."
"I haven't seen Tony this happy in a while." Steve stated.
"Me too." Natasha said. "Come on. Let's give them some privacy."
"How about we meet at the park tomorrow. Sound good?" Tony said.
"Yeah, besides I walk my dog there every morning." You said.
"Around 8 a.m.?" Tony asked.
Then you and Tony walked to his car and he drove you home.
"Bye." He called.
"Bye." You said with a wave as he drove away.
When you walked inside, your dog happily jumped to you. He was a cute little dog, that you had gotten a while ago. You set him on your bed and you both drifted off to sleep. The next morning, you got ready for the day and headed to the park with your dog. You were walking your dog along the park, when Tony came running towards you, tripping over your dog's leash, and face planting on the grass.
"Are you okay Tony?" You asked hiding a laugh.
"I think so." He said getting up and brushing off his clothes.
Your dog walked towards Tony and snuggled next to him.
"I think he likes you." You said as Tony pet him gently.
"No one can resist Tony Stark, and no animal for that matter." Tony said with a smile.
"Sure Tony." You said playfully rolling your eyes.
Then a big scary looking pitbull came charging after Tony. Tony quickly started running away, and the dog continued to chase him.
"Y/n!!!!" Tony screamed. "Please help me!!"
You laughed and called the dog over. It obeyed and came right to you. You pet it and then it went off to play.
"How...did...you...do...that?" Tony said between breaths.
"I'm a dog trainer. I know quite a bit about dogs." You said petting your dog.
"That's really cool. Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to visit the tower."
"Yeah sure." You said with a smile. "I also got this all on video.
"Great, we can leave right now. Wait, what did you say?" Tony said.
"Nothing." You said quickly.
You followed Tony to his car and you all got inside the car.
"Your dog is house trained right?" Tony asked.
"Of course." You said buckling your seat belt.
Tony drove to the tower and you guys walked inside
"Why if it isn't y/n." Natasha said giving you a handshake.
"Nat, nice to see you." You said happily.
"You must be y/n." Clint (a.k.a. Hawkeye) said. "Tony wouldn't stop blabbering about you last night."
Tony's face went red. "Don't listen to him, he's a little crazy."
"Sure." You said playfully rolling your eyes.
After you meet everyone, you guys all went into the living room and watched movies.
"What movie do you want to watch y/n?" Tony asked.
"What? Who are you and what have you done with Tony?" Clint said quickly.
"What do you mean?" You asked.
"Tony NEVER let's anyone pick the movie. He always says 'My house, my pick.' " Clint said.
"That's not true." Tony defended. "I've let you pick before."
"On my birthday, and then you turned it off after two minutes." Clint argued.
"It was boring." Tony defended.
"GUYS! Shut your mouths and let Steve pick." You yelled.
"Wait, what?" Steve said suddenly. "Why bring me into this?"
"Come on, I know you want to pick." You said.
"Honestly I do, but..."
"Okay then. Pick the movie."
Steve picked the movie and you guys watched it peacefully. After the movie Tony drove you home. You guys exchanged phone numbers and you went inside. As you walked inside, three guys with masks were standing inside your house.
"One word and you're dead." One spoke harshly.
You stood there and didn't move. You really wished Tony was here right now, but that wasn't going to happen. Another one grabbed you and started tying you up. You looked for ways out of this situation, but you couldn't find any. You had electricity powers, but you hadn't used them much. You shot a ball of lightning at one of the guys, but it wasn't strong enough and made him ticked off.
"Shoot." You mumbled under your breath.
Just as you thought this wasn't going to end well, there was a knock on the door. One of the guys walked to the door and opened it. Tony was standing there with your dog's leash.
"Uh, who are you?" Tony questioned.
The guy didn't answer, instead he lunged towards Tony.
"Not a good guy." Tony said as kicked the guy and tied him up with the dog leash.
Then Tony saw you and his eyes widened, as he saw a guy coming towards with a blade.
"Y/n!" He yelled jumping towards the guy.
They fought on the ground as you tried to get out of the ropes, but failed. This time you focused your energy and shot a lightning bolt towards the guy Tony was fighting. It blasted the guy off of Tony and he crashed into a wall. Tony rushed over to you and untied you.
"How did you..."
"No time to explain, we've got company." You said pointing towards another big group of masked people.
Tony pulled out his phone and called the other Avengers for back up. You and Tony tried to hold them off, but there was a lot of people. The other Avengers came and helped you guys fight them. They retreated, but before they did, you got shot in the leg.
"Y/n, are you okay?" Tony asked rushing next to you.
"I just got shot with a gun, but yeah, I'm totally fine." You said sarcastically.
"Right." Tony said helping you up.
"Great, my house is totally ruined." You sighed, looking at your destroyed home.
"Look on the bright side. You're dog's still alive." Tony said as your dog came running towards you.
"Seriously Tony?"
"Sorry, I was trying to be helpful. Let's get you back to the tower, we can fix you up there." Tony said helping to the car.
Tony quickly drove to the tower and you got bandaged up.
"Thanks Tony." You said.
"Yeah, no problem." Tony said with a smile
"Question. Why did you come back to my house?"
"Oh, I was going to return your dog leash, you kind of forgot it here."
"Well, I'm glad you came." You said.
"Well, you can live at the tower, because your house is destroyed. I think we could also train you to become an Avenger." Tony said. "Is electricity your only power?"
"Yeah." You responded.
"Do you have much practice?" Tony asked.
"No, hardly any at all actually." You said
"Don't worry, I can help train you." Tony said.
"Alright, let's start." You said happily.
"Right now? You just got shot in the leg!"
"Don't worry, I'm tough." You said.
"I'm sure you are, but I don't want you to get hurt. How about we start training after your leg is healed, and in the meantime, you and I can watch a movie, alone." Tony said staring at you with his warm brown eyes.
"Great, I'll help you to the living room." Tony said helping you up.
You guys got the the living room and Tony put on a movie. You both sat next to each other and Tony leaned in, but was interrupted by Thor.
"A movie!" Thor said sitting next to you.
Tony was not very pleased, but tried to conceal it. When Thor was distracted Tony leaned in again, but this time he was interrupted by Bruce.
"Y/n, I need to take a look at that leg. I need to see if there is deep damage." He said walking towards you.
You smiled at the irritated Tony as Bruce bandaged your leg.
"Somebody's jealous." You teased.
"Am not." Tony said crossing his arms.
Then you leaned in and gave Tony a quick kiss on his cheek. Tony smiled and wrapped an arm around you. The evil people were still out to get you, but you knew you were safe with the one and only Tony Stark.
The End.
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